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The Ending and Post-Credit Scene of Peacock's Twisted Metal Explained

All 10 episodes of Twisted Metal's debut season are now streaming.

By Josh Weiss

Peacock's Twisted Metal television series has finally arrived! Crazy, kinetic, and hilarious in equal measure, the show brings the world of the PlayStation video game franchise to life with all the roaring enthusiasm of a newly-oiled engine.

Since the entire season dropped at once, we were able to speed-binge our way through the debut season like a post-apocalyptic delivery man (shoutout to Anthony Mackie's John Doe) cruising down an unimpeded stretch of highway.

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If you have also reached the end of the road, then come with us as we take a deep dive into the finale — exploring the various narrative beats, how they tie into the original games, and what groundwork is being laid for more vehicular mayhem in a potential second season. Let's start those engines.

***WARNING! The following contains major spoilers for the season finale of Twisted Metal!***

The Season Finale of Twisted Metal Explained

Having successfully acquired and delivered the mysterious package from New Chicago to Raven (Neve Campbell), John gets his wish of becoming a bona fide member of New San Francisco. What was in that high-stakes parcel, you may ask? Nothing more than a pint of ice cream, and it wasn't even the right flavor. But the frozen treat wasn't really the goal. Raven's true intention was to test John's mettle for something much bigger. More on that in a bit.

For his unparalleled services, the now-retired milkman receives a spacious apartment, a sick race car bed, and all the frozen toaster pastries he could ever want. He even gets to try pizza and dating for the first time.

As the days pass him by, however, John grows weary of a predictable lifestyle devoid of the three things he loves most: driving, driving away from mortal peril, and Quiet (Stephanie Beatriz). It's a lot like that episode of SpongeBob where Squidward relocates to Tentacles Acres and realizes that the life he's always dreamed of is not what he truly wanted deep down.

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John, therefore, decides to leave town and find Quiet, who was not allowed to enter the city. In a last-ditch effort to convince him to stay, Raven brings John to his childhood home, promising to help him find answers about his true identity.

It's All Setting Up The Twisted Metal Video Game Battle

Character Miranda appears on top of a table during a scene in Twisted Metal.

John politely declines and Raven has her goons hold him at gunpoint while revealing her master plan: she's been grooming the erstwhile milkman to serve as her representative at an upcoming vehicular tournament organized by the enigmatic Calypso (founder and host of the vehicular contest in the games) we briefly met in Episode 7.

Whomever wins the deadly battle royale, will be granted their heart's deepest desire. "You're gonna help me win, John," Raven declares. "And you're gonna do it by getting behind the wheel and turning every car and contestant that crosses your path into nothing but a flaming pile of twisted metal." Ahhh! She said it! She said the thing!

The country's best drivers will be there and we see all of them on Calypso's elimination bracket: Miranda Watts (Jamie Neumann), Preacher (Jason Mantzoukas), Mary (Chloe Fineman, who seemingly survived that axe to the chest in Episode 7), and two classic characters from the games that have yet to be introduced: Axel and Mr. Grimm.

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Meanwhile, Quiet (Stephanie Beatriz) has become a Robin Hood-type figure, stealing from milkmen and giving the spoils to those less fortunate souls living outside the walls of major cities. "The insiders have been running this sh** for far too long," she explains to one of her targets. "It's time somebody shared the wealth."

Her socialist crusade is cut short by an ominous group of shrieking mercenaries wearing creepy doll masks. They're led by another familiar *ahem* face from the games — Dollface — who also happens to be John Doe's long-lost sister.

In a mid-credits scene, Stu (Mike Mitchell) and Mike (Tahj Vaughans) lounge on a beach at night, cheerfully roasting hot dogs over an open fire. It's their own little slice of Shangri-La, complete with liquor and ladies (said ladies are lifeless mannequins).

Their peace and relaxation is suddenly interrupted by the arrival of Sweet Tooth (Samoa Joe and Will Arnett), who survived getting run over by the duo near the start of the episode. The clown murders Mike with his machete and drags Stu off to an unknown fate, although odds are very good we'll see them added to Calypso's board of contestants if the show returns for Season 2.

All 10 episodes of Twisted Metal's debut season are now streaming on Peacock

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