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Milo Ventimiglia and Jon Huertas Are Reuniting For a *Second* Time After This Is Us

Ventimiglia obviously loves having Huertas around on the set of his new TV show!

By Christopher Rosa
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Ever since This Is Us ended, fans have been waiting for any kind of reunion between the cast members. In January, viewers got a little surprise when Milo Ventimiglia (Jack) revealed he'd be reuniting with Jon Huertas (Miguel) on his new TV show, The Company You Keep. Specifically, Huertas would be joining the team behind the camera to direct an episode

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"I can't tell you how comforting it was to see [Jon] pop up in the prep schedule on emails, talking about character, talking about story, talking about shot lists," Ventimiglia told Entertainment Weekly about Huertas directing an episode of The Company You Keep. "It goes back to knowing that we have a crew at such a high level, I don't have to worry about it."

And get this: Huertas and Ventimiglia will be reuniting again. In a new interview with Access, Ventimiglia revealed that Huertas will be directing a second episode of The Company You Keep

"Jon Huertas, he directed Episode 5, and he's also 'gonna be directing Episode 10," Ventimiglia said. "He's a talented man behind the camera, not just in front of the camera. He's a good friend of mine. Work with friends!" 

Ventimiglia is working with a bunch of his friends right now, seeing as how he brought essentially the whole crew from This Is Us over to work on The Company You Keep

“I know their level of quality. I know their level of creative. I know their level of respect to those that they're working with. It gave us such an advantage to know the machine already worked…. And now, we're hitting a stride where my crew is becoming everybody else's crew,” Ventimiglia told Entertainment Weekly

So, can we expect to see any other reunions? Ventimiglia sure hopes so. He told EW, "It's funny, Justin Hartley's name already came up for something, but of course, he's cutting together his pilot [The Never Game] over at CBS. I just traded messages with Mandy [Moore], she's in New York on [Dr. Death]. I read stories of [how] everybody else [is] busy, you know? I'm sure at some point people will pop up."

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