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The Migration Stars Agree This Person Voices their Favorite Character in the Movie

Ahead of the film’s December 22 release, the Migration cast revealed their favorite character, voiced by a showbiz legend.

By Chris Phelan

With its theatrical release scheduled for December 22, Migration aims to be the animated holiday hit of the season! In the meantime, we’re getting far too excited about everything Migration-related. We’re already in love with the cast, the trailers have sufficiently whet our appetites, and we’re ready to watch! But how does the cast feel about each other?

Recently, the stars of Migration took to the red carpet where NBC Insider was able to pick their brains about which character in the upcoming movie is destined to be a fan favorite. Keegan Michael Key, Awkwafina, Kumail Nanjiani, Elizabeth Banks, and Caspar Jennings didn’t shy away from adequately preparing audiences for one particularly memorable member of the Mallard family, Uncle Dan.

The cast has spoken: Uncle Dan – voiced to perfection by national treasure Danny DeVito – is everyone’s favorite Migration character!

While NBC Insider asked them countless questions about the film, we couldn’t help but notice a unified front happening – everyone was unanimous in their sentiment that DeVito’s voice work stole the show, making us even more excited to watch on December 22 (as if our excitement levels could get any higher). 

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“I think my favorite character is Uncle Dan,” revealed Keegan Michael Key. “He’s the wild card – you have no idea what he’s going to do or what he’s up to or what he’s capable of. It helps the movie; it keeps these little zig-zags happening.”

Danny Devito smiles wearing glasses at an event

DeVito has enjoyed a career resurgence on the back of his wild card on-screen persona in countless films and TV shows – although, to be honest, he’s always had some of the best comedy chops in Hollywood, something Nanjiani is well aware of. And while Nanjiani initially regarded his own character as his favorite, he quickly relented and acknowledged DeVito’s unrivaled contributions to Migration

“Well, I really love Mack Mallard, but Uncle Dan is amazing and really funny,” confessed Nanjiani. “I mean, Danny DeVito, you know? He’s a legend.”

However, not every cast member had the privilege of recording scenes with DeVito. But, as Banks explained, that didn’t keep her from being pleasantly surprised the first time she witnessed DeVito’s instant-classic character work. 

“My favorite is Danny DeVito’s character, hands down,” admitted Banks. “I didn’t record with him or anything, but the first time I heard how dry and 'Danny DeVito' [Uncle Dan] was, I literally burst out laughing. I could not stop laughing.”

The cast of Migration attend a Press Junket for the movie

Caspar Jennings, who plays Mack Mallard’s son, Dax, confirmed our longstanding suspicions that nobody is more fun to be around on set than Danny DeVito (as if there was any other logical choice). 

“My favorite character has to be my uncle in the movie, played by Danny DeVito,” revealed Caspar Jennings. “Whenever I was doing lines with him – or any scene with him at all – I would find myself laughing.”

Finally, Awkwafina didn’t mince words when she was asked who her favorite character was – she instantly responded with “Uncle Dan.”

When asked why, the star explained that Danny DeVito is simply “really funny.” 

We can’t argue with that at all. 

Migration premieres in theaters on December 22.