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Maya Rudolph's Beyonce Still Can't Take the Heat in SNL's Hot Ones Parody

Rudolph's Beyoncé impression is still straight fire — and so is Mikey Day's Sean Evans.

By Samantha Vincenty

During her seven years as a Saturday Night Live cast member, Maya Rudolph was famous for dozens upon dozens of celebrity impressions. Among the most popular: Rudolph's Beyoncé, of course. And the Loot star's May 11 SNL episode found her bringing Bey back to the Hot Ones table, in a sequel to her original "Hot Ones with Beyoncé" sketch from March 27, 2021.

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"Hot Ones with Beyoncé 2" finds Rudolph's Bey returning to make good after her prior rare fail. As she tells the Host of the YouTube series, Sean Evans (Mikey Day), "this was the only thing I have attempted that i did not slay." Except her new follow-up continues to cast serious doubt on her "Formation" claims of carrying hot sauce in her bag

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Maya Rudolph and Mikey Day on Saturday Night Live Episode 1863

Maya Rudolph breaks into "Texas Hold 'Em" in SNL's "Hot Ones with Beyonce 2"

"Howdy, Sean Evans. It's a pleasure for you to have me," Rudolph's Beyoncé tells Mikey Day's (equally pitch-perfect) Evans. 

Dressed in full Cowboy Carter regalia, Beyoncé admits her 2021 fail "bothered both me and my husband. My husband is Jay-Z."

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"Uh, yeah. I know," Day's Evans responds, awkwardly. 

"Oh, okay. I assumed you didn't, because you're the whitest man I have ever seen," she continues. "Both your skin, and the way you carry yourself."

"Okay, yeah. I wouldn't disagree with that," nods Day, perfectly mimicking the anodyne energy the Hot Ones Host brings to his interviews.

The first wing leaves Bey unimpressed. "Not that spicy," she says. "I'm from Texas, baby, your girl likes it caliente."

Hot Ones duly kicks up the heat, and it freezes the "Bodyguard" singer in one of Maya Rudolph's hilariously elastic facial expressions as she breaks into a sweat. 

Maya Rudolph during her monologue on Saturday Night Live Episode 1863

"This wing is stomping my a--," she moans. "Damn, my bones are hot! That wing was a real one. Ooh, you're about to make me sing! 'This ain't Texas'..." The audience cheered as Rudolph expertly tossed off the opener to the singer's "Texas Hold 'Em." 

The singer's wing session gets progressively more unhinged, as Bey speaks in tongues and tells Evans to "shut your Charlie Brown looking-a-- for a minute," because "Beyoncé about to do something very human."

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Ultimately, Beyoncé resorts to something you've never seen on Hot Ones before, with help from her assistant (Kenan Thompson). 

"Why is this janky hot wings show the one thing Beyoncé cannot do?" she wails.

Watch "Hot Ones with Beyoncé 2" above, and watch Saturday Night Live on NBC and Peacock, streaming next day on Peacock.