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Kristen Wiig's Target Lady Is Starring in an Actual Target Commercial

The Target Circle Week ads find Wiig back in fine form as the hyper-enthusiastic employee, who lives in an incredible Target-themed house. 

By Samantha Vincenty

When Kristen Wiig joined the cast of Saturday Night Live, she brought a certain red-vested character with her who she'd created during her time at L.A. sketch comedy school The Groundlings: Target Lady. She remains one of Wiig's most memorable characters, with her bowl cut, Midwestern-adjacent accent, and penchant for leaving her register to do a little shopping. 

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In April 2024, 12 years after Wiig left SNL as a cast member, she's revived her role as Target Lady for a series of ads for the retail chain's Target Circle Week.

The commercials find Wiig back in fine form as the hyper-enthusiastic employee, in awe of the deals and delivery service. They also embrace the absurdity of Target Lady's inner world, which at one point leads her to chat with a pigeon named Howard. (This is also where we learn that Target Lady has an adorable red puffy vest for chilly weather.)

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The best ad of the bunch is unquestionably a 30-second spot that reintroduces Target Lady to the world, in her natural habitat: her Target-themed home, complete with product aisles and a treadmill that's actually a checkout conveyor.

Kristen Wiig as Target Lady on Saturday Night Live

Kristen Wiig's Target Lady reveals her Target-themed home in the store's new ads

Set to Prince and The Revolution's "Baby I'm a Star," the jubilant ad features Target Lady going through her morning routine, which includes zipping up that high-waisted denim and throwing open her closet full of red vests. The vibes channel the intros of both Pee Wee's Big Adventure and Wiig's own Barb & Star Go to Vista Del Mar film from 2021 (if you haven't watched it, do so immediately). 

Target tapped former SNL writer James Anderson for the campaign, ensuring they retained the feel of Wiig's character from the show, and they're directed by Tom Kuntz.

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"Like so many, we’re big fans of Kristen Wiig and her iconic Target Lady character from Saturday Night Live," Lisa Roath, executive vice president and chief marketing officer, Target, said in a statement. "So as we prepare to introduce the new Target Circle and thousands of new deals during Target Circle Week, it’s only fitting that we partnered with Kristen to create some memorable new laughs courtesy of the one and only Target Lady."

Get a peek at a few more of Kristen Wiig's Target Lady commercials here. Keep an eye out for the series as they roll out this week (April 1-5) across social media, YouTube, and your TV screen.

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Target Lady: Classic Peg

Justin Timberlake is "claaaasssic Peg" in the sketch from May 9, 2009.

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Target Lady: Boogie Bulks Up

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Target Lady Meets Her First Lesbian

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