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Listen to These Kelly Clarkson Holiday Songs to Instantly Feel Festive

The talk show host and Voice veteran can slay a Christmas track. 

By Jessica White

As fans of The Kelly Clarkson Show are well aware, there isn't a song that Kelly Clarkson can't perform. And, with one of the most breathtaking voices in the industry, Clarkson is no stranger to a powerhouse holiday performance. 

The beloved talk show host and veteran of The Voice is a genre-defying wonder, with countless jaw-dropping Kellyoke performances under her belt. As one of the most successful pop music artists this century, it should come as no surprise that Clarkson has not one but two holiday albums — both a masterful blend of original tracks and timeless covers.

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As the host of the 2023 Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting, Clarkson's angelic vocals continue to dazzle and delight. So, get ready for your holidays to get taken to new heights by reading Clarkson's holiday discography that will have you rocking around the Christmas tree in no time.  

Kelly Clarkson's Christmas Album Wrapped in Red 


Released in 2013, Clarkson's Wrapped in Red is a love letter to the holiday season, boasting several original and classic Christmas tracks.

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From her duet with Reba McEntire and Trisha Yearwood on "Silent Night" to Clarkson' electrifying rock cover of "Run, Run, Rudolph," Clarkson's radiant vocals and immaculate pitch take listeners on a whirlwind winter wonderland journey. 

Kelly Clarkson's Christmas Album When Christmas Comes Around... 


Clarkson's premiere Christmas album was such a smash that she was inspired to record a second holiday record in 2021, titled When Christmas Comes Around... 

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Clarkson delivered her spin on a variety of cherished classics, from her dynamite cover of Mariah Carey's mythic "All I Want For Christmas Is You" to George Michael's holiday ballad "Last Christmas." The album also features her explosive duet with Ariana Grande, "Santa, Can't You Hear Me?" which has dominated holiday playlists each year since its release.  

Kelly Clarkson's Original Christmas Songs 

Kelly Clarkson's best Holiday Songs

Between Clarkson's Wrapped in Red and When Christmas Comes Around... albums, she has several power ballads perfect for the holiday season.

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Several of Clarkson's holiday recordings have made their way to the Billboard Hot 100, and she has quickly joined the ranks of praised holiday singers like Barry Manilow and Bing Crosby with her dazzling holiday discography.  

Kelly Clarkson's "Wrapped in Red" 

Wrapped in Red's titular hit is a certified jam, a romantic pop ballad perfect for spending time with loved ones once the world becomes aglow with Christmas lights. The accompanying music video features a compilation of clips from Clarkson's childhood holidays.  

Kelly Clarkson's "Underneath the Tree" 

We dare you to stroll through a store this holiday season without hearing Clarkson's 2013 track "Underneath the Tree" playing over the loudspeakers, and honestly, who's complaining? Joining the ranks of several cherished holiday classics, "Underneath the Tree" is destined to be played during the holidays for many seasons to come.  

Kelly Clarkson's "Every Christmas" 


While Wrapped in Red was packed with many merry hits, Clarkson turned down the lights with the jazzy track "Every Christmas." The song is the perfect play for cookie decorating or snuggling up with hot cocoa.  

Kelly Clarkson's "Winter Dreams" 

Clarkson was able to perfectly capture the feeling of falling in love during the holiday season with "Winter Dreams," a cozy Wrapped in Red hit. 

Kelly Clarkson's "4 Carats" 

Clarkson's sultry "4 Carats" was one of Wrapped in Red's most dance-worthy tracks. Clarkson sings of dazzling diamonds and radiant rubies left under the tree by Santa Claus in this energizing pop hit that will have listeners revising their gift lists.  

Kelly Clarkson's "Merry Christmas Baby" 

Clarkson gave her fans the gift of seven original songs on her When Christmas Comes Around... album, with "Merry Christmas Baby" leading Santa Kelly's sleigh of tracks.  

Kelly Clarkson's "Christmas Isn't Canceled (Just You)" 

Clarkson has been slaying breakup ballads for decades, and the holidays got a little brighter with her jazzy hit "Christmas Isn't Canceled (Just You)." The track is one of WCCA's most bop-worthy tracks as Clarkson shrugs off a deadbeat relationship and soaks up all the reasons for the reason instead. 

Kelly Clarkson's "Merry Christmas (To the One I Used to Know)" 

"Merry Christmas (To the One I Used to Know)" is another original track off Clarkson's sophomore holiday album. Unlike some of the high-energy tracks on the release, "Merry Christmas (To the One I Used to Know)" will have listeners tearing up. Clarkson's emotionally powerful lyricism takes the spotlight as she explores heartbreak during the holidays. 

Kelly Clarkson and Chris Stapleton's "Glow"

It's hard not to bop your head to Clarkson and Stapleton's original holiday hit, "Glow," which truthfully gives "Jingle Bells" a run for its money. Get ready for visions of sugar plums dancing while listening to this repeat-worthy classic. 

Kelly Clarkson and Brett Eldredge's "Under the Mistletoe"

Clarkson effortlessly marries classic holiday melodies with modern pop influences in her duet with Brett Eldredge on "Under the Mistletoe." Clarkson knows the power of a holiday duet, and "Under the Mistletoe" is a timeless romantic hit. 

Kelly Clarkson and Ariana Grande's "Santa, Can't You Hear Me?"

Clarkson teamed up with fellow Voice veteran Ariana Grande for the holiday show-stopper "Santa, Can't You Hear Me?" — and it's a holiday smash for the history books. As some of the most impressive vocalists of the moment, Grande and Clarkson blend effortlessly on this track, showcasing two powerhouses having the time of their lives.  

Originally published Nov 14, 2022.