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Kelly Clarkson's Pitch-Perfect Cover of 'Umbrella' Would Make Rihanna Proud

When the sun shines, we'll shine with Kelly Clarkson!

By Jackie Manno
Kelly Clarkson Covers 'Umbrella' By Rihanna | Kellyoke

Kelly Clarkson covering Rihanna? A match made in heaven!

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On November 7, 2022 for her always-anticipated Kellyoke segment, Kelly Clarkson put her own edgy twist on Rihanna’s classic 2007 hit “Umbrella.” And what she sang will have you hitting the replay button over and over.

The performance started with some intense, booming drums, and the clean guitar riffs kicked in shortly after. Then, Clarkson came in with her vocals directly on cue. “You have my heart, and we’ll never be worlds apart, maybe in magazines, but you’ll still be my star” she sang with passion. 

“Cause in the dark, you can’t see shiny cars, and that’s when you need me there, with you I’ll always share,” Clarkson continued, hitting the notes smoothly.

Then, when it was time for the chorus, the background vocals kicked in and blended with Clarkson seamlessly. “When the sun shines, we’ll shine together, told you I’ll be here forever, said I’ll always be your friend, took an oath, imma stick it out til the end,” Clarkson crooned.

“Now that it's raining more than ever, know that we’ll still have each other; you can stand under my umbrella,” she continued, nailing the song’s signature lyrics.

She then belted out the bridge, hitting a sustained note when she sang “I’ll be all you need and more,” and then pulled off some seriously-impressive riffs when she repeated the chorus, ending the song with a strong, confident note.

To see Kelly Clarkson do more classic hits justice, check your local listings for The Kelly Clarkson Show.