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Everything to Know About Grand Crew Season 2

The comedy stars Nicole Byer and Echo Kellum.

Cast of Grand Crew

Grab your glasses everyone, because it's time to talk Grand Crew. The comedy series, created by Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Phil Augusta Jackson, wrapped its first season in March. But that wasn't the last we'll see of our favorite wine-loving L.A. friend group. It turns out we'll see the crew navigate the trials that come with romance, work, and...each other, once again. Grand Crew Season 2 is coming! Read on to find out everything we know.

When does Grand Crew Season 2 premiere? 

Season 2 of Grand Crew premieres Friday, March 3 at 8:30/7:30c on NBC and next day on Peacock. 

"I kept saying since we wrapped that we would get renewed for a second season," Nicole Byer, who plays Nicky on the show, told NBC Insider. "So when we got renewed I said, 'Listen to Black women!'"

Echo Kellum, who plays Noah, explained that he was also optimistic about returning for a second season. "I was very ecstatic. A little surprised, but I kind of saw it coming because I knew if it was really about the chemistry of the cast, the content of the show, then we'd be in good footing," he said. 

Is the original cast returning?

The cast of Grand Crew

Yes, the entire original cast will return: Byer, Kellum, Carl Tart (Sherm), Grasie Mercedes (Fay), Justin Cunningham (Wyatt), and Aaron Jennings (Anthony). 

What will happen in Season 2 of Grand Crew?

While it's a little too early to predict what will go down in Season 2, Jackson has said in the past that many of the storylines are based on the lives of his real life friend group—which happens to include Byer and Kellum. If you keep up with Byer's Instagram account you'll know that she has pole dancing in common with her character Nicky, while Kellum told us he's just as unlucky with love as Noah. So let's hope we'll see more of their hijinks translated into the show.

A trailer for the new season was released in January 2023. Watch, below. 

Grand Crew Season 2 | Official Trailer | NBC

How can I watch the Season 1 finale and the other episodes?

All 10 episodes of Grand Crew are currently available on both NBC.com and Peacock. Once the series returns later this year, you'll also be able to stream new episodes on Peacock the day after they air.


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