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The Big Questions We Have After Grand Crew's Season 2 Finale

The gang left us with some pretty interesting cliffhangers.

By McKenzie Jean-Philippe
The Crew Talks Wine, Friendship and the Zombie Apocalypse | Grand Crew | NBC

After 10 hilarious and wine-filled episodes with the gang, Grand Crew Season 2 officially came to an end on April 28 with Episode 9's "Wine & Journals" and Episode 10's "Wine & Tastings." 

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The majority of the characters were left with some pretty major cliffhangers that could mean big changes in the future — so what exactly happened? Keep reading on for an official recap of the Grand Crew Season 2 finale.

What will Noah do with his manuscript?

In "Wine & Journals," we learned that following the directive of his therapist, Noah (Echo Kellum) began keeping a personal journal. And by the finale, he tells Sherm (Carl Tart) that it's begun to turn into a screenplay rather than a typical diary. At the end of the episode, we see that he's printed it out with the title, A Hopeless Romantic...and the Friends That Gave Him Hope. Could Noah be on the road to getting a book deal and becoming a published author?

Could kids be in Wyatt and Kristen's future?

Towards the end of the season Wyatt (Justin Cunningham) and Kristen (Maya Lynn Robinson) took in his young niece-cousin, Nadine, when her mother was going through a hard time. And while at first Wyatt had more experience as a "plant dad" and Kristen was having trouble connecting with her maternal instinct, by the finale the two have clearly embraced their newfound roles as parental figures. This leads us to believe that Nadine could find a more permanent spot in their home, or they even might want to have children of their own.

Grand Crew 210

What will Anthony do without a job?

One of the biggest moments during "Wine & Tastings" was when Anthony (Aaron Jennings) and Nicky (Nicole Byer) ran into his ex, Talia. It marked the first time he'd seen her since they broke up in Season 2, Episode 2 ("Wine & Labels").  

While things were already awkward enough, they got even worse when Talia spilled to Nicky that Anthony was about to get laid off from his firm. While devastated when he found out, Nicky encouraged the work-obsessed Anthony to use his one year of severance to work on finding his happiness outside of his career. At the end of the episode, we see Anthony and the gang "klang-klang" in his new home. He even turns down a job offer from Talia. So there's clearly a question mark when it comes to his future.

Grand Crew 210

Is Sherm on his way to becoming a sommelier?

Despite losing an intense amateur wine-tasting competition and coming in second place, Sherm showed a natural knack for the art and an impressive knowledge of all things wine. So much so that he was offered an apprenticeship at a French wine school. His instinct was to reject the offer in favor of growing his successful driving business, but Noah encouraged him to pursue something he clearly loved.

In the end, it seems that Noah's advice won out because we see Sherm — and Anthony — walking the streets of France. Will the Grand Crew be in Paris the next time we catch up with them? We'll just have to wait and see.

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