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Grab Your Aviators and Aloha Shirt: Here's How to Dress in Magnum P.I. Style

Magnum P.I. is an iconic costume party look for a reason! He just exudes cool.

By Jax Miller

Thomas Magnum operates with style, whether it's how he solves a mission or how he dresses for the day. His get-ups are genuinely iconic and have proven timeless across the decades: the Hawaiian shirts, the aviator-style sunglasses,  and let’s not forget the high-end wheels, either.

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The legendary U.S. Navy SEAL-turned-private investigator is back for a fifth season of Magnum P.I., airing Sundays at 9/8c on NBC. And although flaunting your chest hair may not be as in style as it once was, Magnum is still as fashionable as ever. 

To learn how to dress like one of the greatest TV detectives of all time, whether it's for everyday style inspiration or even a Halloween costume, here is your go-to guide to Magnum's style.

1) Magnum's Aloha Shirts

Jay Hernandez wearing an Aloha shirt on Magnum Pi

The Hawaiian T-shirt fad boomed in the 1980s with the original Magnum P.I. played by Tom Selleck, and let’s face it: Magnum 2.0, played by Jay Hernandez, still makes it look as good as ever.

In fact, some of the shirts he wears on the show are a direct nod to outfits donned by Selleck in the '80s.

“There was a red one that was the exact pattern that Selleck wore and there was a purple one that I believe was the exact same print that he wore,” Hernandez told NBC Insider. “Fans of the original show love that kind of stuff when we do things that are pulled directly from the first installment.”

Many believe the genesis for this fashion was in Hawaii in the 1920s or 1930s, mirroring Japanese style when women’s floral kimono fabric was used to make men’s attire, according to historians. It would become popularized by many men throughout the decades, including Bing Crosby in the 1930s, Elvis Presley in 1961’s Blue Hawaii, and most notably by Hawaiian Olympic swimmer and surfer Duke Kahanamoku

The collared, short-sleeved dress shirt with bold floral prints can be worn casually or for classier events, and not just by men. Other celebs who’ve recently rocked the Aloha shirt include Rihanna, Cara Delevingne, and Sophie Turner.

Aloha Shirt Shop and Aloha Fun Wear are both popular websites to buy Hawaiian shirts, both with Magnum P.I. designs. 

2) Detroit Tigers Baseball Cap

Jay hernandez on Magnum Pi wearing a detroit tigers baseball cap

Described as a “die-hard Detroit Tigers fan,” Thomas Magnum couldn’t pull off the look without his signature Detroit Tigers baseball cap. Magnum, like his 1980s predecessor, brings back the navy blue cap embroidered with its white old English letter "D."

The classic accessory allegedly came about as a nod to Tom Selleck’s favorite baseball team, as he was born in Detroit, Michigan. Selleck’s love for the team also had him invited to pitch for the Tigers in 1991 as part of their spring training

The cap would become part of the Magnum, P.I. image, and though it doesn’t appear as heavily in the reboot, we’re all glad for its reappearance onscreen. 

You can find your own Detroit Tigers baseball cap and other sportswear at the online MLB Shop.

3) Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses with palm trees

While some trends should stay in the '80s where they belong, we’re grateful aviator glasses are still en vogue. 

Magnum's shades in the classic series were vintage Vuarnet, but since they’re no longer in circulation, plenty of similar options still fly, as aviator-inspired glasses are here to stay. 

The French brand made a comeback with the “Tom 64mm” style in 2018, described as “an infusion of vintage appeal [that] defines exceptional French sunglasses with rich color and charm,” according to The Daily Beast. However, they, too, are no longer for sale.

Ray-Ban aviators are still one of the most popular choices for name-brand sunglasses to tap into your Magnum P.I. game. With several designs, the “Aviator Classic,” created in 1937, is “a timeless model that combines great aviator styling with exceptional quality, performance, and comfort.”

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Aviators of all types, including those for women and children, can be found on the Ray-Ban website

4) The Rolex Watch

Tom Selleck wears a Rolex on Magnum Pi

For multiple seasons, Magnum is spotted wearing a Rolex GMT-Master II, much like the original with the red and blue “Pepsi” bezel. The first GMT Master design was unveiled in 1955, while the second was released in 1982, two years after the very first episode of the original Magnum, P.I. series. 

The 1955 model grew in popularity when it became the official watch of Pan-Am, once the largest intercontinental airline for overseas travel to and from the United States. 

The most recent models of the “cosmopolitan” watch come in different metals, including everose gold and oyster steel, and easily go for about $20,000. 

For more about the Rolex GMT-Master II, visit the Rolex website.

5) The Red Ferrari

Jay Hernandez and the ferrari on Magnum Pi

Though not something you’d necessarily need to complete your Magnum P.I. get-up when dressing up for your next costume party, the red-hot whip is still a signature item for our favorite private investigator. 

Magnum’s iconic red Ferrari 308 GTS Quattrovalvole made the luxury Italian brand synonymous with Magnum, P.I., and it came back for the reboot, this time with a red Ferrari 488 Spider.

Discussing the cultural significance of the Ferrari in Magnum, P.I., Jay Hernandez told CNET Cars that Tom Selleck and his character “brought the car into the American consciousness,” making it a vehicle people wish they could have. 

“Kids had posters of that red Ferrari on their wall for decades,” said the actor. “It’s become such an iconic thing… you can’t have Magnum without the red Ferrari.”

Speaking of iconic things, Hernandez’s character has yet to bring back Magnum's famed mustache, but perhaps we’re not entirely ready for that … at least for now.

Watch Magnum P.I. Sundays at 9/8c on NBC and next day on Peacock

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