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Chrissy Metz Was So Funny on Her Episode of NBC's 'Password'

Chrissy Metz surely has a way with words!

By Jackie Manno
All-Star Finale with Chrissy Metz, Yvette Nicole Brown, Joel McHale & Jimmy Fallon | NBC's Password

Chrissy Metz showed us her competitive side when she appeared as an enthusiastic Contestant on the season finale of Password. In the first-ever all-star episode, the This is Us actress was joined by her teammate Jimmy Fallon, and Community actors Yvette Nicole Brown and Joel McHale as the opponents. What came next was entertaining fun for the whole family.

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Watch Password Tuesdays at 10/9c on NBC and next day on Peacock

Metz’s team won the first round when she miraculously guessed the word “mime” after being given the hint “clown.” Then, after she was given the word “selfie, ”she bravely chose to play by saying the word “influencer” in her best valley girl voice. However, Fallon dropped the ball by responding with “TikTok,” causing the word to go to the opposing team. Brown was then able to correctly guess the word after McHale said “phone” while holding his card a little too obviously in selfie mode, a choice that was a no-no for both Host Keke Palmer and Metz.

Palmer described the move as an “unlawful win” while playfully wagging her finger at McHale.

“When you cheat, it's fine.  I mean if you feel good about that win–cool,” Metz said with sass, causing McHale to slump down into his chair in embarrassment.

The next password was a doozie–the word “Mullet.” “Should we be afraid?” Metz commented after seeing Fallon’s facial expression. He was so stumped that he decided to pass at first; however, when the word was passed back to him, he got the dreaded buzzer for giving things away by flipping his hair.

Onto the tiebreaker! When given the clues “jumping” and “squats,” Metz hit the buzzer and said “CrossFit.” Good guess, but not quite! Proving that she’s not a sore loser, though, Metz took her defeat well. “I tried, that’s all that matters.”

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