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The Chicago Fire Cast Just Reunited and Were Joined by Adorable, Cuddly New Friends

Hanako Greensmith, Daniel Kyri, Alberto Rosende, and Jacke Lockett had a self-care session with the animals. 

By Jackie Manno

Looks like the Chicago Fire cast are cat lovers!

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On August 22, Hanako Greensmith (Violet Mikami) posted the sweetest pictures on her Instagram story of her co-stars playing with some adorable kitties. The first snapshot showed Jake Lockett (Sam Carver) holding a big, fluffy cat in one arm while sporting some cool sunglasses. Then, Alberto Rosende (Blake Gallo) cradled the same kitty in his arms and had a big smile on his face. Meanwhile, Daniel Kyri (Darren Ritter) pet a black and white cat. How cute!

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This isn't the only way that Greensmith and Kyri have spend some quality bonding time together lately. This past April, Greensmith posted some photos of her on a vacation with Kyri in Greece, a getaway that happened in Spring 2022. In the snapshots, Kyri smiled while on a boat on a bright, sunny day. Then, Greensmith captured a photo of Kyri posing in front of some historical ruins. 

Hanako Greensmith's Instagram stories with the Chicago Fire cast holding cats.

"Took me 10 months to get this film developed if that tells you anything about me…" she captioned the post. 

In a 2022 interview with Tell-Tale TV, Greensmith, Kyri, and Rosende all talked about their friendship dynamic. "We're close enough that I literally had the most fun I've had in a while playing Yahtzee with them," Greensmith said. "We have movie nights," Rosende added. "We also went to Greece together, so that was a pretty significant thing," Kyri said. 

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Hanako Greensmith on Season 11 of Chicago Fire

Self care is a must for the Chicago Fire cast, as filming Season 11 was a very intense experience. In a 2022 interview with TV Insider, Greensmith opened up about what her character Violet went through after what we later learned would be the death of Evan Hawkins. 

“That is a huge weight that comes with being a paramedic or even working in the medical field: having to accept that this is a lovely, warm, family-based television show. But in reality, you cannot save everybody that you’re trying to save,” she told the outlet.

Hanako Greensmith as Violet Mikami

She continued, “I think we try to highlight the reality of that as much as we can, and you’re going to see Violet have to come to terms with that in a really, really big way. Within the first few episodes, you’ll see her have to deal with a challenge that you haven’t seen her deal with before. I think that’s going to be exciting and sad all in one.”