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Chance The Rapper Reveals Whether His "Extremely Talented" Daughters Will Follow in His Musical Footsteps

“They both got perfect pitch, it’s crazy,” Chance The Rapper said of daughters Kensli, 7, and Marli, 3.

By Jill Sederstrom

Chance the Rapper isn’t the only musical talent in his family. 

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The Voice Coach’s two young daughters, just 7 and 3 years old, could be rising stars in their own right some day.

“They both got perfect pitch, it’s crazy,” Chance told NBC Insider. “I’m very blessed. I think in the coming years, it’ll be like, ‘Oh, you did always say they could sing.’” 

Despite their young age, Chance, whose unique ear for talent has driven his own successful career as a music producer, described his daughters Kensli, 7, and Marli, 3, as “extremely talented” for their age.

“They are talented singers in their own right,” he said. “They love singing.” 

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The siblings tend to gravitate toward gospel songs and the proud father said he rarely  misses an opportunity to hear them test out their vocals — even if it can get a bit repetitive. 

The Voice 2316 Chance The Rapper2

“My daughters have this one song called ‘Constant Mercies,’” he said of the Phil Thompson gospel hit. “I almost don’t wanna drive my kids sometimes ‘cause they just wanna hear it on repeat … They just wanna hear it on repeat and just sing it over and over.” 

Their love for music hasn’t exactly translated over into an interest in The Voice — at least not yet. Chance admitted he had yet to bring his daughters with him to The Voice studio.

“My kids don’t all the way care what I'm doing,” he said. “So, like, they like some of the stuff that I'm doing if it’s highly engaging in that moment, but my kids like Peppa Pig and stuff like that. So, they were just chilling in the trailer during the times that they came to the set.” 

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As a first time Coach on the singing competition, Chance told NBC Insider he was surprised by how much fun he’s having working with the Artists, whether it’s explaining what he thought about the performances during the Blind Auditions or focusing on the “musicianship” that might set an Artist apart as the competition unfolds.

“It’s a lot of opportunities to arrange and do new cool covers with amazing vocalists and amazing recording artists,” he said. “To flip songs that you love and that the Artists love to be something new and reimagined. You get exposed to a lot of new music too.” 

Chance the Rapper appears on The Voice.

Chance also appreciates the welcoming environment he’s found on the show as people of all backgrounds join together through their common love of music. 

“I don’t even know how to describe this. It’s like The Apollo, but a super big platform and in a loving environment,” he said. “It’s crazy.”

He added that there was just “something about the purity of this show.”

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“People who come on this typically have been watching The Voice for their whole lives and they love the show. They love Blake, they love Kelly, they love Carson, and they really, really love music and performing. So, it’s like something of a dream to these people to be able to have a platform and make it to the point of singing for millions of people across different countries and you get to see that fervor and that love for music when they are performing.” 

A “favorite arrangement” was Artist Ray Uriel’s rendition of “Essence.” 

“I think it doesn’t really get better than that,” Chance said. 

As a newbie Coach, Chance told NBC Insider that he’s also taken some lessons from veteran Coach Blake Shelton.

“I think the biggest lesson I learn from him, being honest, is just making the best and the most fun out of any situation,” he said. “Blake will make a joke out of literally anything.”

“I’ve realized he does it because it makes him enjoy whatever he’s doing and I think if you come into any space thinking of it as a job, then you’re working, but if you think of it as an opportunity and responsibility then that’s fun and you’re just living life,” he continued.