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The Biggest Difference Between Abby and Her Dad Harry on Night Court Is Emotional

"She had that foundation more than Harry did," Melissa Rauch told NBC Insider

By Jackie Manno
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While it may be super obvious that Abby Stone (Melissa Rauch) takes after her father Harry Stone’s (Harry Anderson) positivity on the new Night Court, that doesn’t mean they have everything in common. In an interview with NBC Insider, Rauch opened up about how she and her character’s father have led different lives.

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“How are they different? I think, for one, her upbringing. Harry talks about how he didn't have a mother in his life. And it's something that he really longed for and missed. And Abby grew up with two wonderful parents,” she said. “And so I think she had that foundation more than Harry did and I'm sure, you know, all families have their faults, but she did have the presence of both parents.”

Rauch then went on to explain how Abby is coping with her father’s passing.

“But I do think something she's doing that's similar to Harry is the fact that she's looking for the workplace family because of the grief she's going through," she said. "That is similar to what Harry did. When she comes to New York, she's still obviously grieving for her father, and I think she's heard all these years how Harry really longed for that family connection and this family of friends at night court became so paramount in his life. And I think she's now looking to set that up for herself. And I think that's also part of the reason she reaches out to Dan (John Larroquette).”

Dan and Harry's connection influenced Abby when she first approached Dan in the pilot. “It's coming from a place of mutual love and respect for her father that they both share. And even though Abby and Dan are polar opposites, you couldn't get any more opposite than the two of them, that mutual admiration for Harry is really what connects them,” she said.

In Season 1, Episode 3, we see a vulnerable side of Abby, as she confides to Dan about how her past drinking problem affected her relationship with her father.

“I lost a lot of time with my dad when I was at my worst,” Abby said. “But he always had faith in me. [He] said he was keeping that faith saved until I had it in myself again. I got into recovery in time for him to see me get better." 

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