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Adrian Stoica Writes a Moving Tribute to His Dog Rory, Who Died During AGT 18

Hurricane's older sister passed away 10 days after the Live Shows. 

By Jackie Manno

America's Got Talent Season 18 Winner, dog coach Adrian Stoica, blew everyone away with the amazing routines he performed with his dog, Hurricane. However, many may not know that the pup actually had an older sister named Rory, who was her inspiration. 

Adrian Stoica opens up about Rory's death

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Stoica opened up about Rory during his Final performance on AGT, sadly announcing that the dog died in September just 10 days after his Live Show Act. However, he explained how he used the precious time he spent with the pooch to help him learn and grow. 

"She was the mentor of Hurricane, so without Rory it's very hard because it's a piece of your heart," he said. "Hurricane help me a lot during this difficult time because she knows my emotion. She stays with me. After losing Rory I realize life is short, you need to chase your dreams. Our dog is to make a dog musical show, and this is our chance to make the dream come true."

To celebrate the life of the animal, Stoica took to his official Instagram page to share the most heartwarming tribute. 

The snapshots showed Stoica lovingly holding Rory's paw, before we see an impressive picture of her leaping high into the air and catching a frisbee, clearly agile like Hurricane. 

Stoica wrote the most genuine message to Rory in Italian on the post, which roughly translates to: "Rory ❤️ you were loved by so many, and for that I take courage and write even if I can’t talk about you now that it’s full of pain. You came along and changed everything: you changed my life. And it won’t be enough for me to thank and celebrate you, but I’m sure I’ll look for every opportunity and every way."

He continued," Regal, wild, powerful and arrogant, totalizing and incredibly precious: you are in everything that I do and am for more than 16 years, and even more you will be the engine and reason for my every move from this day forward. Crazy that you're gone. It's crazy how much I feel about you. Thanks for everything Rory. goodbye my love."

Adrian Stoica holding his dog Hurricane close on stage.

Hurricane and Adrian Stoica's Final AGT performance

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Meanwhile, in an interview with NBC Insider, Judge Simon Cowell talked about why he thought Stoica and Hurricane took home the winning title for Season 18. "I've never seen a dog Act where everything was done by voice commands. It was live, it could've gone horribly wrong, but she was just amazing," he told us. 

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