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What Happened to Mags During That Scary Scene on Transplant — and Will She Be OK?

Mags, played by Laurence Laboeuf, just suffered a potentially fatal health scare in Season 3, Episode 4's "Multiple Choices."

By McKenzie Jean-Philippe

Transplant Season 3 took a concerning turn in its final moments of Episode 4's "Multiple Choices" when Mags (Laurence Leboeuf) suffered a critical cardiac event and lost consciousness.

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So, what exactly happened to York Memorial's beloved empathetic (but extremely anxious) resident? We have all the details below.

What happened to Mags in Transplant Season 3, Episode 4 "Multiple Choices"?

While confronting Dr. Fisher about her ethical reservations over Fisher's financial involvement in the trial, Mags began hyperventilating quite literally as she told her boss, "I don't trust you." (Excellent timing). Mags believes she's having a panic attack, but luckily for her, Fisher is a cardiologist and quickly realizes Mags is suffering from something far more severe after checking her pulse. Mags soon passes out.

While getting out of surgery, Bash (Hamza Haq) is called to cardiology, where he finds Mags unconscious in a medical bed. It's there that Fisher tells him Mags suffered from a "massive arrhythmia," which can lead to sudden cardiac arrest. The Mayo Clinic defines an arrhythmia as "an irregular heartbeat. A heart arrhythmia occurs when the electrical signals that tell the heart to beat don't work properly. The heart may beat too fast or too slow. Or the pattern of the heartbeat may be inconsistent."

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Dr. Magalie Leblanc, wearing an olive green blazer, standing over a desk with books.

The definition continues, "A heart arrhythmia may feel like a fluttering, pounding or racing heartbeat. Some heart arrhythmias are harmless. Others may cause life-threatening symptoms."

Fisher then reveals that she and her team "cardioaverted" Mags twice, meaning on two different occasions they conducted a procedure in efforts to regulate her heartbeat

A close up of Dr. Magalie Leblanc with a concerned look on her face.

"We won't know the extent of the damage for a day or two," Fisher says. Transplant fans already know Mags has a pacemaker and a history of heart problems, so this newest development is extremely concerning.

In the final scene we see an extremely worried Bash at Mags' bedside. So, the big question: Will she be OK? We'll just have to wait until Episode 5's "Nadir" to find out.