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All of the Cliffhangers in Transplant's Season 2 Finale

A recap of everything that happened in the dramatic 13th episode of the season, "Free for What".

By McKenzie Jean-Philippe

Transplant fans are surely celebrating because Season 3 of the Canadian medical drama finally premieres on October 12, 2023 at 9/8c on NBC.

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However, it's been well over a year since the second season aired and many will — understandably — need a bit of a memory jog when it comes to remembering what happened to Bash (Hamza Haq) and the rest of his beloved colleagues at Toronto's fictional York Memorial Hospital. Below, we recap what exactly happened in the Transplant Season 2 finale — Episode 13's "Free for What" — to help you get a fresh start with all of the exciting new episodes to come.

Bishop left York Memorial Hospital

Dr. Bashir “Bash” Hamed (Hamza Haq) and Dr. Jed Bishop (John Hannah) stand in an elevator together

In what was probably the biggest takeaway from the finale, Bishop (John Hanna) quit his role as chief of emergency medicine in order to ensure Bash kept his job in light of the malpractice suit initiated by a patient's disgruntled father, Dr. Ray Grisholm.

"I've thought about it from every angle, and there's only one option," he said during the episode. "Ray wants a sacrificial lamb. I'm the best one he can get. My leaving means he has no cause to go after you. It's done Bashir. His lawyers are drawing up the paperwork."

Showrunner Joseph Kay opened up to NBC Insider about why it was time for Bishop, and Hannah, to leave Transplant

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"To make things dangerous and more volatile for Bash again, writing Bishop off the show for Season 3 was what we felt was the right decision. Even though we love the character in him, and we love John... And then we'd also been telling this two seasons story about Bash's inability to get his medical transcripts out of his home country, which is a real thing. And we wanted some way for that story to be put to bed in a way that felt real and in a way that Bash could see his own future. You know, if he feels that that issue is safe for him, then he thinks it's not gonna stand in his way."

Theo was in a helicopter crash

Dr. Theo Hunter (Jim Watson) sits in a helicopter

While flying back from York following the treatment of a young patient, the helicopter holding Theo (Jim Watson) suddenly malfunctioned and crashed. The accident left his pilot seemingly fatally injured, and him hurt — but alive. But while he survived, when we last saw him he was stranded in the middle of the forest. The Season 3 premiere is sure to reveal his fate.

June agreed to take in her stepsister

June Curtis appears in a scene from Transplant.

The biggest obstacle in June's (Ayisha Issa) life is that she's voluntarily welcomed a new loved one into her life. Following her father's death from complications related to stomach cancer, she discovers that he has a 17-year-old stepdaughter named Shay. Despite being famously closed off and hesitant to let people in, she agrees to let Shay live with her in the wake of their shared loss. 

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Mags and Bash had a moment

Dr. Bashir stands in a doorway with Mags

After two seasons of clear care for one another and obvious sexual tension, Mags (Laurence Leboeuf) and Bash's relationship finally reached the next level — kind of? Following a long day where he accepted Bishop's resignation and she decided to switch residencies, Bash found himself at Mags' doorstep in the finale scene of "Free for What". Why? We have no idea, because all we saw were the two longingly gaze at one another and Mags reach for Bash's hand before the episode ended.

The Season 2 finale's biggest cliffhanger is, by far, what happens between the two after fans have been waiting on their romance for years.

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