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Selena Gomez Epically Proved Her Detective Skills on The Tonight Show

Kate Beckinsale and Kim Kardashian also bravely stuck their hands in the "Can You Feel It?" box.

By Samantha Vincenty

Of all the games that The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is known for, "Can You Feel It" may be the grossest (in the funniest way possible).

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Sure, the mystery objects that Contestants are asked to identify by touch aren't always unsavory — sometimes they're even delicious! Either way, celebrities must bring no small amount of bravery to the task of sticking their hands in a box and giving whatever's in there a good feel. 

From Nicole Kidman to This Is Us star Milo Ventimiglia, everyone who's competed against Jimmy Fallon in a round of "Can You Feel It" has been an absolute champ. Yet the three matchups, below, are indisputable favorites, earning over 11 million YouTube views each.

Revisit what fans consider the best "Can You Feel It" games in Tonight Show history.

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Selena Gomez

Which would you rather touch: A pool of raw eggs, or a shower drain full of hair? 

Gomez kept impressively cool when she quickly, and correctly, identified the latter. But the Only Murders in the Building actress found her second item more challenging, asking, "Is it my dog?" To be fair, we'd never guess what that actually was, either.

Slena Gomez plays the game 'Can You Feel It' while visiting The Tonight Show

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian was so afraid to encounter a spider during her game that she tried a bold tactic: blatantly asking the audience what was in the box. She also tapped her sense of smell for round 2 ("I smell an animal!"), and screamed a lot.

It was the final item, which Kardashian and Fallon teamed up to guess, that made this installment so iconic: Tonight Show announcer Steve Higgins hilariously freaked both of them out. 

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Kate Beckinsale

The intense anticipation that comes with playing "Can You Feel It" is the best part—watching Fallon "freak out" over what winds up being a pile of squishy Peeps is a riot.

When Kate Beckinsale played in 2019, the audience got in on the fun too, giving reactions that made her think her box of cinnamon rolls was something much worse. This led the actress to tell Fallon something she probably never expected to say in her life.

"We have a deal—I'll never touch vomit," Becksinsale told the Host. "I'll touch poo if I have to!" (As he assured her, the show would never ask her to do either). A live frog and a human foot, on the other hand...