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Tim Robinson Reacts to The Mets' Driving Crooner Cam and ITYSL Amazon Merch

Looks like someone figured out how to make money on this thing! Robinson talked to Seth Meyers about unlicensed show merch and his I Think You Should Leave tour.

By Samantha Vincenty

Tim Robinson is among of the many talented performers — from Robert Downey Jr. to Ben Stiller to Casey Wilson — who, for various reasons, were a Saturday Night Live cast member for just one season before rising to fame in another project. For Robinson, who was an SNL writer before becoming a Featured Player from 2012-2013, that project is his comedy series I Think You Should Leave

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Co-created by former SNL writer Zach Kanin, the deeply bizarre series has earned a fanatical cult following. (Yell "We're all trying to find the guy who did this," "These tables are my livelihood!!" or "Oh my god, he admit it!" to find an I Think You Should Leave fan in any crowded room). Robinson sat down with former coworker Seth Meyers on April 2 to talk about his most recent of three Emmy Award wins, two of which he won in 2023. 

Robinson's fifth Late Night with Seth Meyers appearance began with congratulations from Meyers for his Outstanding Short Form Comedy, Drama Or Variety Series win. 

"Were you nervous?" Meyers asked. 

"So nervous," Robinson said, adding that giving his acceptance speech was "not enjoyable because I'm just about to barf." Given that Robinson was set to perform the New York City stop of his I Think You Should Leave tour that same evening, Meyers had to ask if he was feeling "antsy" about that too. 

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"All you're asking me about is stuff that I'm scared of! Calm me down a little," Robinson yelled.

"Do you like bears?" Meyers shot back.

Tim Robinson on late night with Seth meyers episode 1505

Tim Robinson on ITYSL merch and The Mets' Driving Crooner cam

Meyers told Robinson that one of his favorite sketches from I Think You Should Leave Season 3 was the "Driving Crooner." 

For those who haven't seen the popular sketch, Robinson briefly described the image Meyers held up. 

"So, believe it or not, that's not actually in my mouth, and that's not on my head," Robinson said, pointing to the hat and cigar that his character kinda-sorta appears to wear through the window of the car he's driving.

"They're decals on the window of the car—so if you're perfectly next to the driving crooner? It looks like he's smoking a cigar, and he's got that hat on," Robinson said, slipping into the Driving Crooner's cadence from the sketch. 

"The Driving Crooner thinks that's gonna be cool for people," Meyers explains.

"It is cool," Robinson insisted, the audience giggling. 

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Meyers whipped out a second image he deemed actually cool. "I texted this to you, and I'm sure I wasn't the only one," he said. "The Mets have a Driving Crooner Cam this year."

As a TikTok from The New York Mets' official account demonstrates, the Jumbotron effect pops a hat and cigar on a lucky fans' head. 

"This is opening day, and they're already doing Driving Crooner," Meyers marveled. "It's so awesome." Robinson heartily agreed.

Meyers then showed Robinson a few of the unlicensed ITYSL merch unearthed on Amazon. 

"This is merchandise that you don't get a penny from," Meyers clarified.

"Not a penny, not a cent," Robinson joked upon seeing an actual Driving Crooner decal set for purchase. "I'm getting so taken advantage of."

Fans of Robinson's TV show should take advantage of still-available tickets in several cities, which are on sale at Ticketmaster now. Watch Tim Robinson's Late Night with Seth Meyers interview above.