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Kristen Stewart Gave Seth Meyers a "Lesbian Makeover" in Their Day Drinking Sesh

The Love Lies Bleeding star gave Meyers a whole new look, crushed a "dumb lines" acting challenge and proved her dart skills.

By Christopher Rudolph & Samantha Vincenty

Kristen Stewart gave Seth Meyers a whole new look during their epic Day Drinking session on March 26, which also found Meyers begging Stewart not to spoil Twilight and preparing some Panic Room-themed cocktails. 

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"Your body rejected it," Meyers said, giggling as Stewart let the concoction stream from the sides of her mouth. And this was only minutes into their hangout. 

The pair's shenanigans featured a "dumb lines" acting challenge—in which Stewart was able to grow teary as she delivered, "Mom, Dad...I'm a puppeteer"—and a hilarious story from Meyers about not wanting his kids to see how he looked after a rough run. 

Before Stewart ultimately transformed Meyers into a beanie-clad hipster "lesbian" in his makeover challenge, the actress inexplicably changed clothes herself. 

"You did a costume change," Meyers commented, referring to her switch from black to a white t-shirt. 

"This is what it's like to get drunk with me," Stewart informed Meyers. 

"So do you always bring a duffel to the bar?" he shot back.

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Watch Seth and Kristen Stewart Go Day Drinking above. 

Kristen Stewart day drinks with Seth on Late Night With Seth Meyers

Kristen Stewart and Seth Meyers post-gamed their day drinking hangovers afterward

Kristen Stewart on Being Hungover After Day Drinking with Seth and Love Lies Bleeding

The two new friends recapped their hang when Stewart sat down for a Late Night interview on March 14.

"I feel like I was a fan of yours. I feel like I knew you a little bit. You'd been on the show once—but I feel like I really know you now," Meyers continued. " Like we got into it, Kristen."

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"We did go deep. My palms are sweating thinking about it," Stewart confessed.

Meyers admitted that he was a "little hungover," and asked Stewart how she was feeling.

"You had children to contend with," Stewart told Meyers, explaining how she was able to sleep off the hangover, while he had to wake up and walk his kids to school.

"Have you been hungover on a talk show before?" asked Meyers.

Kristen Stewart and Seth Meyers day drinking on Late Night With Seth Meyers Episode 1501

Showing off her Oscar-nominated acting skills, Stewart said "no," but then joked, "Anyone who's worked with me before is probably laughing right now."

Meyers then asked the Happiest Season star how she became involved with her new movie, Love Lies Bleeding. In it, Stewart plays Lou, a gym manager who falls in love with Jackie (Katy O'Brien), a bodybuilder, as the two become entangled with Lou's crime family.

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"It was a relief to read the script because I'm so obsessive about the filmmaker, Rose Glass, who made a movie called Saint Maude," she explained.

Kristen Stewart on Late Night With Seth Meyers Episode 1498

"It had it's such its own fingerprint, it's own identity, it felt like a movie that was in a time capsule. Yes, it is a period piece, but it feels like a movie that was actually made in the '80s versus a movie that was made now about the '80s. I had such a blast on this movie," Stewart said about the new romantic thriller.

"We did reshoots and I just wanted to keep going," she added. "I was like, can we do five more of these movies?"

Stewart's down for filming five more action movies — if not five more rounds of drinks with Meyers.

Originally published Mar 14, 2024.