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Susan Kelechi Watson Reveals Why Justin Hartley Sat Out of Their Viral Cast Dance Party

The This Is Us actor shares more details on the cast’s infectious TikTok video dancing to “The Wobble."

By Tayi Sanusi

Sterling K. Brown brought pure joy to This Is Us fans everywhere when he shared a TikTok video of the cast performing "The Wobble" dance behind the scenes. "You didn’t know the Pearsons could Wobble, did you?" Brown captioned the April 19th TikTok that went viral, raking in over 7 million views.

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During a May 9th appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Brown’s co-star Susan Kelechi Watson (Beth) explained the origins of the video. “This was, like, us on a break...We had all this time because this was an 18-hour day, and we were there from, like, 6:00,” Watson told Host Kelly Clarkson. “We were all there shooting Kate’s second wedding to Phil, and a wonderful person who runs our social, she was coming to Sterling with something...and I think between her and Sterling, they came up with this idea.”

Watson continued, "[Sterling] was asking me about music choices, and I was like, 'Oh, you should do something that people will play at a barbecue because everybody can dance,’” she added. “And he came up with 'The Wobble,' and then he taught everybody." 

@sterlingkbrown You didn’t know the Pearsons could wobble, did you? 😏 #thisisus #wobble #weddingseason ♬ Wobble - V.I.C.

Seemingly everyone except Justin Hartley (Kevin) is dancing in the video, and Watson explained to Clarkson why this was the case. "[Justin's] like, 'I know my lane. I'm going to be here,'” Watson said, laughing.

“I love that he’s just on his phone, like, 'Yes–just making deals'… that just means he don’t dance,” added Clarkson playfully. It’s OK, Justin! We know you’re just waiting for the perfect moment to bust out your impressive moves. 

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