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Chance the Rapper Wildly Predicted Madison Curbelo’s *Exact* Battles Result

We’re not saying he’s got ESP… but it probably pays to listen when Chance forecasts the future.

By Benjamin Bullard

It’s still too early in the competition to tell if an Artist from Team Chance will win Season 25 of The Voice outright. But win or lose, Chance the Rapper himself might’ve just discovered a different kind of winning talent: predicting other Coaches’ Artist-stealing movements before they even happen.

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Watching (and enjoying!) this week’s Battles round performance featuring Team Dan + Shay Artists Kyle Schuesler and Madison Curbelo, Chance had a sneaky feeling that neither gifted singer would be going home just yet. Not only that, he seemed to have an uncanny foresight into how they’d both end up sticking around on the show… and when the dust had finally settled, Chance’s fortune-telling powers turned out to be totally spot-on.

Watch The Voice Season 25 Battles: Kyle Schuesler and Madison Curbelo Sing “Lucky/Suerte” by Jason Mraz and Ximena Sariñana

Schuesler and Curbelo left all four Coaches more or less equally in awe of their sweet, uplifting duet cover of “Lucky/Suerte” by Jason Mraz and Ximena Sariñana. John Legend could hardly hide his admiration for the two Team Dan + Shay Artists afterward, launching into a glowing review while reminding each of them that he’d been a big fan since hearing their Blind Auditions.

“Wow, how beautiful was that?! I turned for both of you, and you rejected me — it’s okay!” Legend teased. “But you two gave us a beautiful, beautiful performance. I just was truly enjoying myself the entire time… When I’m able to just enjoy and not overthink it; when it’s in my heart and not my head, that’s when I know it’s great. And that’s what I felt!”

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Though Legend signaled that he slightly favored Curbelo’s performance, it was pretty clear he’d be thrilled to steal either Artist away from Dan + Shay. Chance’s ESP senses were tingling by the time it was his turn to talk, and he used the moment to predict not only that Legend was about to swoop in for the steal — but that Dan + Shay would find a way to shatter Legend’s dreams.

“Imma be super honest: Both of you guys could win the entire competition, and then neither of you guys should leave,” said Chance. “And I think that John is gonna try and steal Kyle. So if I was Dan + Shay, I would use my Playoff Pass right now.

Dan + Shay took Kyle off the table by picking him as the night’s winner, but the rest of Chance’s freakishly accurate forecast proved to be on target. Legend smashed his steal button to try to nab Curbelo to his team, only to have his hopes instantly dashed when Dan + Shay did just what Chance predicted, using the power of their Playoff Pass to keep both Kyle and Madison for themselves.

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“Come on — you knew it was coming!” Dan teased over Legend's protest, all while Chance just sat in the background laughing to himself at just how right he’d been. “This Playoff Pass is really annoying me — I don’t like it,” a hilariously exasperated Legend pleaded. “Surprise, surprise — that was the most obvious Playoff Pass of all time!”

For Chance, it was all just a lesson to the other Coaches on how it always pays to keep an ear out for his wisdom. “I called it from the beginning!” he joked. “Dan + Shay, they’re really listening to me and my advice — so they’re gonna do well on the show. As long as you listen to me, everything goes perfect!”

How far will Madison Curbelo go now that she’s safely locked in with Team Dan + Shay? Find out by watching Season 25 of The Voice on NBC Mondays at 8/7c and Tuesdays at 9/8c, and streaming the next day on Peacock.