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An Official Recap of Team Dan + Shay on The Voice Season 25

How will The Voice's first-ever Coach duo fare against three veterans?

By Christopher Rosa
New Coaching Duo Dan + Shay Make a Well-Rounded Team | The Voice | NBC

After more than a decade of being on the air, NBC's The Voice is switching things up a little in its 25th season. For the first time ever, the roster of Coaches includes a musical duo — Dan + Shay (Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney) — who occupy a specially-made "Double Chair" weighing around 900 pounds. While they bring double the talent, the pair do not get any extra Steals and Saves. Learning to act as a single unit took some time.

How to Watch

Watch the Season 26 premiere of The Voice on Monday, September 23 at 8/7c on NBC and next day on Peacock. 

''[The] thing you forget about when you’re strategizing like that is that there are cameras on you at all times, there are microphones on you at all times," Mooney recently told NBC Insider. "There have been times where we’re sitting there, then you think about it. 'Oh man, their families are literally watching this on screen.'"

How will they fare against returning veterans like John Legend, Reba McEntire, and Chance the Rapper?

Below, we recap the ebbs and flows of Team Dan + Shay on The Voice. Keep checking back here week after week to learn how the duo's crop of Artists is doing — from who they picked in the Blind Auditions to the Battles, Knockouts, Playoffs, and everything in between.

Team Dan + Shay on The Voice Season 25: a recap

Dan + Shay in their double coach chair during The Voice Episode 2502

Blind Auditions 

These Artists joined Team Dan + Shay following the Blind Auditions:

  • Justin & Jeremy Garcia (STOLEN BY TEAM REBA)
  • Ryan Argast
  • Karen Waldrup
  • Madison Curbelo 
  • Anya True
  • Frank Garcia 
  • Ducote Talmage
  • Ryan Coleman
  • AJ Harvey
  • Kyle Schuesler


These Artists remain on Team Dan + Shay following the Battles. If an Artist is crossed from the Blind Auditions list (above), it means they were eliminated in the Battles. 

  • Karen Waldrup
  • Frank Garcia
  • Madison Curbelo 
  • Kyle Schuesler
  • Ducote Talmage
  • Olivia Rubini (STOLEN FROM TEAM LEGEND) 
  • Anya True 


These Artists remain on Team Dan + Shay following the Knockouts. If an Artist is crossed from the Battles list (above), it means they were eliminated in the Knockouts.

  • Olivia Rubini 
  • Anya True
  • Madison Curbelo (PLAYOFF PASS ARTIST)
  • Karen Waldrup


These Artists remain on Team Dan + Shay following the Playoffs and are headed to Live Shows. If an Artist is crossed from the Knockouts list (above), it means they were eliminated in the Playoffs. 

  • Tae Lewis
  • Madison Curbelo 
  • Karen Waldrup


Live Shows 

These Artists from Team Dan + Shay will be in the Finale: 

  • Karen Waldrup


The Voice Finale results

The winner of The Voice Season 25 is Asher HaVon! 

Karen Waldrup got fifth place. 

Nathan Chester got fourth place. 

Bryan Olesen got third place.

Josh Sanders got second place.

How to watch Season 25 of The Voice

New episodes of The Voice premiere Mondays and Tuesdays on NBC and next day on Peacock. To watch all of Season 24, click here.

Originally published Feb 26, 2024.