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“Rare” Elizabeth Evans Hit a Note That Left Reba “in Awe” and Sparked a Steal

We love the smell of a fresh Steal in the morning!

By Josh Weiss

Elizabeth Evans and Kaylee Shimizu brought the popular stylings of Olivia Rodrigo to The Voice Season 24 Battles.

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Coach John Legend chose Rodrigo's "Traitor" for the Battle based on the fact that Evans and Shimizu are both "super-duper high sopranos," the Coach explained. "Kaylee's singing like Ariana Grande and then Elizabeth was singing like Hayley [Williams] from Paramore."

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"Olivia Rodrigo is definitely one of my big influences right now," Evans said. "She's doing what I want to do. She's songwriting and making a way for herself in this pop/punk rock scene." Evans also acknowledged how she was going to need to bring her absolute A-game against the 17-year-old Shimizu, who got a Four-Chair Turn during Blind Auditions.

But, as we know, a potential winner of The Voice cannot live on a Four-Chair Turn alone. "Now I've got more to prove to them," Shimizu confessed. "But I'm ready. I love a challenge."

Elizabeth Evans' Steal on The Voice Season 24 Battles

Elizabeth Evans performs onstage

Reba McEntire was first up to offer feedback once the Battle had ended, complimenting both singers on their "unbelievable vocal range and power." The first-time Coach continued: "Elizabeth, when you opened your mouth and hit that big note, I was just in awe. Wow. And Kaylee, your range is incredible. Y'all just really did compliment each other. I loved the harmonies. For this performance, I think I would pick Elizabeth."

Returning champion and One Direction alumnus Niall Horan came next, hailing the dual performance as the "best version" of "Traitor" he's ever heard and choosing Evans as his favorite out of the Battle. Gwen Stefani, on the other hand, couldn't decide between the two, leaving the tough part up to Mr. Legend.

"Both of you are so interesting and cool," he told his mentees. "Elizabeth, you'll do interesting note choices that I would have never thought of. You're able to be both a little quirky, but you can also just flat-out sing, too. It's very exciting and interesting to watch. And then Kaylee, as a vocalist, there's just very few people on the planet that can sing with the level of ability and the level of gift that you have. You're just so polished at such a young age, it's actually stunning to watch."

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So who did he pick to move on to Three-Way Knockouts? Shimizu. Why? Legend was simply blown away by her "crazy range" at such a young age. In fact, he's very confident she could be the ultimate victor of this season. "She's that good and I couldn't send her home," he said. 

But that wasn't the end of the story for Ms. Evans, who was suddenly overcome with emotion when McEntire  exercised the Steal option. "I really wanted her bad. She was supposed to be on my team," McEntire said. "I loved her range, her tone, and I think it's very important to have someone who stands out."