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The Courtship: Meet the 16 Handsome Suitors Looking for Love

They're out to prove chivalry isn't dead—one ruffled shirt at a time.

By Christopher Rosa
The Courtship Meet The Suitors

Romance in Regency-era England just hit different. And The Courtship, NBC's new dating series, is here to supply all the Regency-era love you've been craving.

Our heroine is Nicole Rémy, a software engineer from Seattle, WA who's tired of swiping right to find Mr. Right. So NBC transported her back to a Regency-era castle in England, where 16 men—dressed to the nines in Regency attire—are vying for her affection. 

But here's the twist. Regency-era dating comes with rules. Rémy's Court—consisting of her mother, father, sister, and best friend—play a hand in who she dates and, ultimately, falls in love with. Family approval means everything for Regency romance, and Rémy's case is no different.

Her suitors are up for the challenge, though. They're a confident, outgoing, and, yes, handsome bunch who know impressing Rémy's parents is just as important as Rémy herself. And they'll pull out all the (historically accurate) stops to do it. Archery! Fencing! Writing handwritten notes! No emojis, just emotions. 

So before you tune into episode one of The Courtship—on March 6 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC—let's get to know Rémy's suitors a little bit better. 

Nup 195299 11639

Mr. Peter Saffa, 23 

His city: Defiance, MO

His job: Social media manager

His Instagram: @petersaffa

His fun fact: He loves playing Fortnite. As for his romance philosophy? “You can never go wrong with a candlelit dinner and some red wine.” 

Nup 195299 09464

Mr. Nate Shanklin, 34

His city: Sacramento, CA

His job: Recruiter

His Instagram: @n8shanklin

His fun fact: He sang in Midtown Sacramento bands growing up and now even makes his own music.

Nup 195299 08941

Mr. Lincoln Chapman, 25 

His city: Nashville, TN

His job: Model

His Instagram: @lincoln__chapman

His fun fact: He's a big fan of Matthew McConaughey rom-coms.

Nup 195299 08403

Mr. Lewis Echavarria, 26  

His city: Miami, FL

His job: Mortgage advisor

His Instagram: @lewis.echavarria

His fun fact: He briefly played professional baseball. 

Nup 195299 07521

Mr. Jaquan Holland, 30

His city: Long Island, NY

His job: Teacher

His Instagram: @forever__blessed

His fun fact: He loves photography, reading, and the arts. 

Nup 195299 05922

Dr. Jarrett Schanzer, 35

His city: Miami, FL 

His job: Aesthetic Medicine Doctor, Anesthesiologist

His Instagram: @doctorjarrett

His fun fact: He's ambidextrous. 

Nup 195299 06743

Mr. Giuseppe Castronovo, 27

His city: Point Pleasant, NJ

His job: Pizzeria owner

His Instagram: @thegiuseppec

His fun fact: He once owned and operated a "pizza boat," where he cruised the Jersey Shore making and selling pizza. 

Nup 195299 05179

Mr. Derek Jacob Kesseler, 31

His city: Vancouver, Canada

His job: Digital marketing manager

His Instagram: @derekjacobkesseler

His fun fact: He's working on his cooking skills and feels ready to serve up some of his cuisine on a date. 

Nup 195299 04770

Captain Daniel Kim, 31

His city: Seoul, South Korea

His job: Former Air Force Captain 

His Instagram: @captaindanielkim

His fun fact: He was inspired by the movie Hitch to start his own business as a confidence coach for men.

Nup 195299 04333

Mr. Daniel Bochicchio, 31

His city: Staten Island, NY

His job: Real estate agent

His Instagram: @danielmbochicchio

His fun fact: He has a rescue dog named Bo Peep. 

Nup 195299 03364

Mr. Daniel “Dan” Hunter, 32

His city: Los Angeles, CA

His job: Owner, travel company

His Instagram: @dan.hunter

His fun fact: He lived on a boat with his parents and sister from ages 9 to 17, sailing around the world. 

Nup 195299 02315

Mr. Christian Lee Cones, 25 

His city: Los Angeles, CA

His job: IT support manager 

His Instagram: @ChristianLeeCones

His fun fact: He grew up in a strict household and didn't start dating until his 20s. 

Nup 195299 01858

Mr. Charlie Mumbray, 25 

His city: Kent, England

His job: At-home personal trainer

His Instagram: @charlie.w.mumbray

His fun fact: He spent three years of his life traveling Australia, Southeast Asia, and most countries in Europe. 

Nup 195299 01195

Mr. Chandler “Chan” Luxe, 24

His city: West Hollywood, CA

His job: Musical artist

His Instagram: @chanluxe

His fun fact: He wants to make it big in the music industry—and find someone who can keep up. 

Nup 195299 00650

Mr. Caleb Ward, 24

His city: Hampton, VA

His job: Content creator

His Instagram: @calebcward_

His fun fact: He was the first in his family to graduate from college. 

NUP 195299 00006

Mr. Alex "Achilles" King, 35

His city: San Diego, CA

His job: Online fitness coach

His Instagram: @achillesking_

His fun fact: Growing up, he loved reading poetry, Shakespeare, and writing song lyrics (so The Courtship is perfect for him). 

The Courtship premieres Sunday March 6 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. 

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