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The Organized Crime Squad Reacts to Stabler Finding (SPOILER'S) Body in New Preview

See how the Law & Order: Organized Crime squad, including Sergeant Ayanna Bell, reacts when one of their detectives turns up dead.

By Gina Salamone
Stabler and Bell Talk in Secret Language While Undercover | Law & Order: Organized Crime | NBC

Things have somehow gotten even worse for the squad at the center of Law & Order: Organized Crime

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Not long after losing Detective Jamie Whelan (Brent Antonello) in the NBC drama show's Season 3 finale, the Organized Crime Control Bureau at the center of the series has now been hit with another devastating loss in Season 4.

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In an exclusive preview clip shared with NBC Insider of Season 4, Episode 10 — titled "Crossroads" and airing on Thursday, April 18 at 10/9c p.m. on NBC — Sgt. Ayanna Bell (Danielle Moné Truitt) returned back to headquarters to talk to her team just after learning the news that Det. Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) found missing Detective Samir Bashir's (Abubakr Ali) body. 

Bell has the difficult task of trying to keep her team motivate and focused on finding out who is responsible for the murder, but her staff is understandably having a tough time.

Officer Samir Bashir (Abubakr Ali) appears in Season 4 Episode 4 of Law & Order: Organized Crime

What happened to Detective Samir Bashir?

In the prior installment of the series, Season 4, Episode 9, Bashir's wife came to the OCCB squad's office to inform his colleagues, "Sam is missing. I think something’s happened to him.”

The detectives traced Bashir's phone to a Queens bakery. A bakery employee told the squad that Bashir, who inquired about heroin (for a case he's working on), met up with two men who forced Bashir into their vehicle. 

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In a preview clip of Episode 10, Detectives Bobby Reyes (Rick Gonzalez) and Jet Slootmaekers (Ainsley Seiger), along with Kyle Vargas, an AI expert working with the OCCB, are seen in their office staring straight ahead, looking bleary-eyed and distraught.

Bell walks into the office and addresses the huge loss, as well as the fact that Stabler is still undercover at a Staten Island honey farm where heroin is secretly being produced by a group of former military veterans that stamp their drugs with a one-eyed skull. 

Sergeant Ayanna Bell sits attentively in a scene from Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 4 Episode 10

“I know how you’re feeling," Bell tells her team. "I’m feeling it too but we got to keep our eyes on the ball right now. Stabler’s still inside. The one-eyed skulls didn’t kill Sam. There’s someone else pulling the strings."

Reyes asks, “So what’s our next move?”
Bell instructs him to “call a search team" to look for Bashir's body and to "keep it small and quiet.”

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Reyes points out that they still need to tell Bashir's wife what happened to him.

Bell responds, “I’ll tell her. Reyes, you lead the search at High Rock Park. Take Vargas, I don’t want anyone alone right now.”

Det. Jet Slootmaekers, Sgt. Ayanna Bell, and Det. Bobby Reyes look at a laptop behind a desk in Law & Order: Organized Crime 401.

Upon hearing that Bell doesn't want anyone to be alone, and knowing that her boss has the tough job of breaking the horrific news to Bashir's wife, Jet volunteers to go along with her.

“I’m with you," Jet says in the preview clip.
Bell admitted, “This is the worst assignment there is. I didn’t want to ask.”

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But Bell was adamant, adding, “I’m not leaving you alone either."

To find out whether Bashir's body will be found, how his wife took the news, and how the case comes along, watch Law & Order: Organized Crime Thursdays at 10/9c p.m. on NBC or stream episodes the next day on Peacock.