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Simon Cowell Had a Part in Shrek 2 That You Totally Forgot About

He had a hilarious cameo in a bonus feature!

By Jackie Manno

While America's Got Talent Judge Simon Cowell is usually on the observation end of the table when it comes to performing, a throwback clip from a beloved movie showed another side of him (well, technically).

Simon Cowell in Shrek 2 

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If you owned Shrek 2 on either DVD or VHS back in the day, then a special bonus feature was an interactive game called Far Far Away Idol. In the clip, the film characters sing their respective songs in front of Judges Shrek, Fiona, and Simon Cowell. After listening to all the fun renditions of classic tunes, viewers have the opportunity to choose their favorite of the bunch. However, in a twist at the end of the competition, Cowell's animated character decides who the real winner is: himself. To celebrate, he then jumps up on the table and croons a passionate rendition of "My Way" by Frank Sinatra. Check out the hilarious bit here

This isn't the only time we've been able to witness Cowell singing his heart out (well, sort of.) During Season 17 of America's Got Talent, artificial intelligence company Metaphysic used some hyper realistic deep-fake technology to take Season 13 singer Daniel Emmet's voice and edit Cowell's face on a screen. To everyone's surprise, when Emmet started his operatic performance, it looked exactly like Cowell was singing the number himself.

Simon Cowell attends an America's Got Talent red carpet.

The Judges were floored by the super convincing innovation, and Cowell was particularly impressed. 

"Is it inappropriate to fall in love with a Contestant?" Cowell said with a smirk. "I know it's strange, but I love you, Daniel. I've always said if there's such a thing as a perfect Contestant, a great singer who looks incredible, we've just found him."

Metaphysic got four "yes" votes from the Judges for their incredible Act, and they brought "Simon Cowell" and the other three Judges to sing on the stage again during the Live Shows. Ultimately, they ended up finishing fourth place that season. 

There's a reason why Cowell has stuck to judging instead of performing himself: He's on the shy side. In fact, he told E! News that he almost had his own talk show, but backed out last minute due to nerves.

Simon Cowell appears in Season 1 Episode 1 of America's Got Talent All-Stars.

"I got to the point where they built the set and I started to get anxious and then really stressed out, and I just walked out the meeting,” he told the outlet. "I just said I literally couldn't do this. I just couldn't talk to people all day long. I'm not very good at talking."