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Cardi B and Sha'Carri Richardson Have a "Deep, Real Conversation" Over Manicures (VIDEO)

The rapper promises to cheer for Richardson in Paris this summer, “I will come just for you.”

By Grace Jidoun

Sha’Carri Richardson is training non-stop for the upcoming Summer Olympics, but the legendary sprinter always makes time to dish with friends, especially when it’s Cardi B.

The fastest woman in the world and the Grammy-winning rapper are both known for their vibrant personal style. In a promo released by NBCUniversal on May 4, the two are engaging in that age-old pastime between girlfriends: getting their nails done. Richardson, the world champion in the women’s 100-meter dash, is entering Paris as a favorite for Gold. But that doesn’t stop her from getting full bling diamond-encrusted nails to rival “mani legend” Cardi B.

The two sit down for some “deep, real conversation,” touching on wide-ranging topics, but we’ll have to wait to hear all of the dishy details. Clips from the conversation will be released throughout the spring, airing within NBCU programming and on Cardi and Sha’Carri’s socials. For now, we’re treated to a clip of the legends meeting for the first time, and the atmosphere is just what you’d expect: intense and fun!

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Sha'Carri Richardson's Intense Workout Routine

Cardi admits she’s been dying to meet Richardson and wastes no time peppering the sprinter with questions about her workout routine, inquiring about the number of days and hours a week the Olympian commits to training.

“I literally train five days out of the week,” revealed Richardson. “A 9 to 5 in corporate is my 9 to 5 on the track working out. Down to even how much sleep I’m getting. Literally every little detail counts,” she said, adding, “it’s worth the hard work, it’s worth the sacrifices. In those moments it shows that this is why I do what I do.”

"I have no plans of letting life, adversity, any obstacle [stop] me from being in Paris," Richardson continued, perhaps alluding to being held out of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics after testing positive for cannabis.

Last summer, Richardson crushed the 100-meter dash at the World Athletics Championships in Budapest, earning gold and the title of “World’s Fastest Woman.” She also took home gold in the women’s 4x100m relay and took bronze in the 200m. Clearly, those achievements do not come without laser focus and dedication.

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Cardi B on the Challenges of Staying Focused

Split of Sha'Carri Richardson and Cardi B

Cardi is not one to rest on her laurels either. She has amassed six Guinness World Records, more than 40 awards for her music, along with nine Grammy nominations. Yet, you wouldn’t know if from her chat with Richardson. The “Girls Like You” rapper joked that she’s not getting any other beauty treatments because her hotly anticipated sophomore album is still not done.

“Girl, you’re punished,” she jokingly tells herself.

Richardson swooped in with some no-nonsense advice, “Girl, you need to focus. Nothing else. Solitary.”

The conversation turned to the upcoming Paris Olympics, and Cardi promised Richardson she’d be there.

“I will come just for you,” before adding, “and shopping.” It’s one of the rapper's favorite places in the world, and she noted the effect the Olympics were having on the City of Light. It “changes the mood, changes the tone,” she said.

Richardson chimed in that Paris is injecting extra “fun” into the games this year. With landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Hôtel de Ville, and the River Seine in the background, we’d have to agree. And now we’ll all be looking for Cardi B in the stands cheering on her new bestie to Olympic Gold.

The 2024 Olympic Games will be held from July 26 to August 11. From the opening to the closing ceremonies, the entire event will be broadcast live on NBC for at least nine hours a day and streamed on Peacock for epic binge-watching.

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