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Sarah Sherman's Flaco the Owl Widow Got In a Flap with Colin Jost on "Weekend Update"

Sherman donned an owl suit and mourning veil to weigh in on the New York City owl's death—and snuck in a few jabs at her favorite "Weekend Update" Host, of course. 

By Samantha Vincenty

Sarah Sherman pulled up to the "Weekend Update" desk once again during Ramy Youssef's March 30 Saturday Night Live episode — donning a feathery owl costume and a mourning veil as Flaco the Owl's Widow. Sherman's latest character weighed in on the death of the escaped Bronx Zoo bird and, in keeping with many of her prior visits, Sherman couldn't resist taking a couple shots at "Update" co-anchor Colin Jost

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Flaco, a Eurasian eagle-owl whose escape from the Bronx Zoo and subsequent sightings all over New York City turned him into a mascot for many residents, died in an accident just over a year after he got free. But zoo autopsy results released in late March put Flaco back in the headlines, inspiring Sherman's creative bit.

"By the way, why was there even an autopsy? When a bird basically explodes into the side of a building, who's like, 'how did he die?'" Sherman's salty bird opined.

When Jost pointed out that many were seeking closure, the Widow pointed to an unfortunate autopsy detail. "Yeah, but the phrase 'pigeon herpes' kind of raises more questions than answers, Colin."

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Sarah Sherman dressed as flaco the owl and Colin Jost during Saturday Night Live episode 1859

Like Sarah Sherman, Flaco the Owl's Widow enjoys teasing Colin Jost

"Why is the media always tearing great men down, you know?" Sherman continued, not missing an opportunity to work in a fabricated allegation against her pal. "It's always, 'FDR had a mistress,' or 'MLK had a mistress, or 'Colin Jost had an underaged mistress.' Or, 'Flaco went blind from severe herpes!'"

"What what?" Jost cut in. 

"Who? Who?" Sherman replied, giggling her way into an owl call before insinuating that Flaco and Jost's wife Scarlett Johansson are the same type of "big time celebrity" spouse.

"And there's nothin' we can do about it. Right, brother?" Sherman said, folding her feathered fingers into a fist bump. 

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"Them's the rules, yeah," Jost dutifully read off the cue card, ever the good sport. 

Watch Sarah Sherman as Flaco the Owl's Widow on "Weekend Update" above.

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