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Everything We Know About Ben and Addison's Relationship on Quantum Leap

Baddison is our new favorite couple!

By Tayi Sanusi
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As Quantum Leap lays the groundwork for Season 1, we can't help but stan Ben and Addison's relationship. Between all the crime-fighting and time-traveling, this duo is far from conventional—but, ultimately, their synergy, trust, and shared commitment to the Quantum Leap project makes them unstoppable. Here's everything we know about their relationship so far. 

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They're recently engaged 

Let's not forget that the Quantum Leap pilot opened with Ben and Addison's engagement party. Even from their brief interactions, it's clear there's love between them.

Ben's amnesia makes him forget Addison and their relationship

Ben and the headquarters team knew that memory loss was a time-travel-related risk long before Ben made his secret leap. However, the reality of the situation is more challenging than Addison expected, as she's forced to keep Ben in the dark about their relationship to avoid compromising their mission. 

Ben finally remembers 

During Episode 4 (titled "A Decent Proposal"), Ben and Addison get entangled in another couple's relationship, which starts jogging his memory. It's not long before a fragmented memory of Addison surfaces, and Ben realizes the truth. 

Ben and Addison started as work friends 

These two were work colleagues for years before they started dating. It wasn't until a brief overlap in singledom that they realized their connection was deeper. 

Their first date was at a Chinese restaurant 

In Episode 5 (titled "Salvation or Bust"), Addison and Ben make a deal: Ben will put his pacifist beliefs aside and practice his gunslinging if Addison tells him about their first date. Addison opens up about their dinner at a Chinese restaurant when their friendship suddenly took a romantic turn. The duo has been inseparable ever since. 

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