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Orlando Bloom on the Lesson He Hopes His Kids Will Take from His Wild New Show

The Gran Turismo actor goes To the Edge in his death-defying new Peacock docuseries.

By Christopher Rudolph

Orlando Bloom is taking Seth Meyers to The Edge.

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The actor has typically depicted acts of courage onscreen in franchises like the Pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of the Rings. Now, Bloom is facing his actual fears in Orlando Bloom: To the Edge, the new three-part adventure docuseries that premiered April 18 on Peacock.

On May 1, Bloom swung by Late Night with Seth Meyers — though we're surprised he didn't fly in, judging from the risks he takes in his show. During their interview, Meyers asked the movie star if he thinks his daughter with fiancée Katy Perry, Daisy, 3, and his son Flynn, 13, are following in his footsteps when it comes to taking risks.

"You have two children now. Do you see an adventurous spirit in them yet?" wondered Meyers.

"Yeah 100 percent! Daisy, it feels like she was climbing stairs when she came out," answered Bloom, ostensibly meaning when she was born. "She just is really into it, and Flynn's very artistic and creative. But he's got quite a lot of spirit."

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Orlando Bloom on Late Night With Seth Meyers Episode 1514

Orlando Bloom on his kids with Katy Perry: "I don't think I'm going to tell them not to take chances"

"When you did a show with this sort of risk taking, did you feel different immediately about it, having kids?" Meyers followed up. "Not even for your own safety, but one day they're going to watch this, and when you tell them not to take chances, they're going to be like, 'Oh yeah, Dad?!'"

"I think part of the show — it's interesting, because I don't think I'm going to tell them not to take chances," Bloom said. "I think I'm going to tell them... what I learned is that after breaking my back, and all the accidents I had as a kid —which were definitely impulsive! — some things were in my control, some things weren't."

"I think what I learned... for me it was like, I don't need to be impulsive and get into trouble, but how about I learn to do the things that I love," Bloom continued. "Learn and have that feeling of confronting my fear, and being capable."

Official Trailer: Orlando Bloom: To the Edge

In addition to his own family, Bloom hopes that To the Edge helps people overcome their own fears.

"Obviously I wouldn't encourage anyone to go and do this stuff, but what's the version of you pushing? Maybe it's doing stand-up or just public speaking, something that pushes you out," Bloom told Meyers. "Because it came up for me with COVID, when that happened and I was just like, wait there's so much fear everywhere."

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Bloom shared a clip from To the Edge during his interview with Meyers, which featured him wingsuit-sailing, flying over a beach before finally pulling his parachute and gliding to safety.

"I do stand-up, and I do think I take the same chances as you," joked Meyers. "I think we're very similar. Your wingsuit is my stand-up, and I think we're both two cool guys who take chances."

"By the way, for me that would be... abject terror," confessed Bloom of the prospect of telling jokes onstage.

Maybe the next season could be Seth Meyers: To the Edge of Stand-Up Comedy?

Orlando Bloom: To the Edge is streaming now on Peacock.