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Milo Ventimiglia Could Bring Back This Iconic Jack Pearson Feature on His New Show

The one key trait that completes Jack Pearson! Watch This Is Us on NBC. 

By Jackie Manno
The OFFICIAL This Is Us Series Recap with Chris Sullivan | NBC

Milo Ventimiglia’s character Jack Pearson on This Is Us is legendary for many reasons. He’s tough yet caring–but most importantly, he has an amazing mustache. And in case you miss it as much as we do, Ventimiglia has some potential good news for you.

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"I'm sure Charlie will pop up with a mustache, with some facial hair, and maybe blonde at some point or a little wild hair," Ventimiglia told Emmy magazine (according to People) when talking about his new character, Charlie, in the upcoming drama series The Company You Keep. We can’t wait to see Ventimiglia potentially resurrect some serious ‘stache action!

Despite the possible similarities in the facial hair of Jack and Charlie, Ventimiglia said the emotional processes of playing the two characters are rather different. "Jack, in my mind, became a total caricature," he told the outlet. "When you do a show for six years, you know what the parameters are, what the challenges are. You know the moments when you're operating off of instinct. You don't have to discover anything with the character. With Charlie, I'm still discovering."

He then went on to explain how his amazing time filming This Is Us elected him to get many of the crew onboard for his new project. "This Is Us was such a wonderful set to be on. How could I not try to put that magic into a new endeavor that we have? So far, it has really saved us, helped us,” he said. "I know a lot of talented folks. When you can work with your friends, I just think that's the best recipe. You're going to capture something great and have a good time while you're doing it." 

Ventimiglia expressed similar sentiments in a recent interview with Access: “I got just about everybody. I mean, listen, we did it successfully for five, almost six years together. Why not take a winning team? I mean, you win the Super Bowl five times in a row, like, ‘Hey, why don’t we just keep playing, but we’re gonna wear different uniforms? That’s the way that I saw it. And also, me, I know that I like to be around my friends. I like to work with my friends."

He also gave further details on what he admires about the This Is Us crew to Entertainment Weekly. "One, it sets up a positive environment.," he said. "Two, it sets up a reliable environment. I don't have to think about any of my departments that I worked six years with on This Is Us, because I know their level of quality. I know their level of creative. I know their level of respect to those that they're working with. It gave us such an advantage to know the machine already worked…. And now, we're hitting a stride where my crew is becoming everybody else's crew."

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