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Melissa Peterman Looks Just Like Reba McEntire While Wearing a Red Wig (PIC)

The two besties are set to reunite in NBC's new sitcom, Happy's Place.

By Elizabeth Logan

The Voice Coach Reba McEntire and actress Melissa Peterman have been longtime sisters at heart, but they could pass for actual siblings when Peterman wears a red wig. Well, maybe cousins. Check it out below.

Melissa Peterman and Reba McEntire twin in red hair

For the country singer's 69th birthday in March, naturally blonde Peterman posted a montage of pictures of the two friends over the years, many including McEntire's boyfriend, Rex Linn, or other co-stars from their hit sitcom Reba.

"Happy Birthday Reba!!! I don't have time to write anything more, I have to finish your banana pudding cake before work!!!!!!!! ❤️ @reba #happybirthday #reba," she wrote.

In the montage, set to "Birthday" by The Beatles, the pair goof around on set, pose together at events both fancy and casual, and in one selfie, Peterman dons a red shoulder-length wig styled in McEntire's signature 'do. It's enough to make you do a double-take!

Watch the video here.

Melissa Peterman and Reba McEntire's careers have overlapped many times

Peterman and McEntire's most significant collaboration is the 121 episodes of Reba, in which they played quasi-antagonists, with Peterman portraying the new wife of McEntire's ex-husband. And they loved working together so much, they've made it happen again and again.

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A split of Reba Mcentire and Melissa Peterman

McEntire guest-starred in an episode of Peterman's follow-up sitcom, Working Class, in 2011, and then in two episodes of Peterman's next show, Baby Daddy. They both appeared a number of times on Young Sheldon, sharing an episode once in Season 4. Both women, and Linn, starred in the 2023 TV movie The Hammer. And they're about to share the screen again...

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The best friends will co-star in Happy's Place

McEntire's upcoming multi-camera sitcom, Happy's Place, follows Bobbie (McEntire) as she inherits her father's restaurant, but has to run it with the younger half-sister she never knew she had (Belissa Escobedo). Linn and Peterman will co-star in to-be-revealed roles, with much of the team from Reba producing, per Variety.

"The first time I had no idea how life-changing and special the job was going to be," Peterman wrote on Instagram, celebrating their latest collaboration. "Getting another chance to work with Reba feels even sweeter because I know how much fun we're going to have and I am going to savor every moment!!! See you at Happy's Place!!! I can't wait to get to work with this amazing cast and crew!"

We can't wait to see their comedic chemistry once again, not to mention the real-life sparks between McEntire and Linn, who found love during the pandemic. 

"He's the first person I talk to when I get up each morning and the last person I talk to before I go to sleep each night," McEntire wrote in her 2023 book, Not That Fancy. "I'm having fun being in love again. Romantic relationships should be fun — I don't care how old you are. Love should bring you joy and make you feel good, and I'm never going to settle for anything less."