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Dr. Ty Coleman and Paara's Relationship Explained on La Brea

They found love in a hopeless place!

By Jackie Manno
Gavin and Eve Reunite | NBC’s La Brea

Throughout La Brea, we’ve seen fascinating characters form even more fascinating relationships. And one strong bond that keeps fans wanting more is between Dr. Ty Coleman (Chiké Okonkwo), a psychiatrist who fell through the sinkhole, and Paara (Tonantzin Carmeloz), a Tongva leader who took pity on the “Sky People.”  But how exactly did these two get together, and what has happened between them so far?

How did Ty and Paara first get together?

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Ty and Paara first meet when she found him tied up and injured after Veronica hit him over the head. She tended to his wounds, and as they took shelter in a cave waiting for a storm to pass, they began to reveal personal information about each other. Paara spoke about the struggles of her tribe, while Ty discussed the relationship between him and his ex-wife. As Ty regained walking strength, Paara offered to help him find his way back to the clearing.

Two episodes later, Ty then told Paara about his terminal brain tumor in an emotional moment. “You know, I’m usually the one looking after people. Thank you,” he said before they shared their first kiss. When his symptoms began to act up later, Paara suggested that Ty go back to 1988 to find treatment for his condition. However, he insisted that he stays with her. “At least here, I have a purpose,” he said, embracing her.

What happened between Ty and Paara?

Things turned south between the two after Ty failed to return Silas to her like he promised. “It looks like I’ve been compromised by the relationship we had,” she said, feeling betrayed. “Had? Paara, you don’t mean that,” Ty pleaded. Paara then ignored his desperation and ordered the Tongva to take back the food they donated. However, Ty remained determined to earn her trust back.

After suffering a major hallucination, Ty wandered off from the clearing, where Paara then discovered him talking to himself. Realizing that his condition was getting worse and his time is limited, he decided to confess his love for her. “I’ve made so many mistakes in my life. I don’t want to make another one with you. I couldn’t see what was important before. Now I can. I choose you, Paara. Over the clearing. Over everyone. I don’t know how much time I have left, but whatever it is, I want it to be with you," he said. 

Clearly moved, Paara responded by confessing, “I didn’t think I’d want to spend the rest of my life with another man until I met you. She then urged him to come back to the village with her as they passionately kissed.

In Season 2, Episode 5, we see Ty and Paara at the Tongva village having an intimate conversation. She mentioned that she was married before, and she and her husband planned on starting a family together, but he passed away. However, she refused to explain how he died when Ty asked, saying that she wanted to move on from the past. 

When The Exiles attacked Eve, Izzy, Gavin, and Levi, Paara and Ty saw a man (Tommett) fleeing, and Ty urged her to take him down with her bow and arrow. However, when Tommett turned around so Paara could see his face, she hesitated and put her weapon down. Then, she dropped a massive bomb on Ty: the man in question is her husband.

She then revealed that Tommett led a rebellion against the Tongva village, and when Paara found out and exposed him, he and his followers were banned and formed The Exiles. “I considered him dead. But now it seems I must deal with him again," she said.

When Gavin asked for more information, Paara said that Tommett will surely plan on retaliation after the group infiltrated their cave. “I’m afraid they’ll come for all of us,” she said cautiously. 

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