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Aldridge's Identity May Finally Be Revealed in La Brea Season 2

"All those questions that I think people had from Season 1, we're 'gonna start to give them answers," showrunner David Appelbaum told NBC Insider.

By McKenzie Jean-Philippe
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There's perhaps no greater mystery at the center of La Brea than the evasive Rebecca Aldridge (Ming-Zhu Hii).

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Ever since the scientist entered into the sci-fi drama's time-traveling universe, she's managed to answer some outstanding questions while also creating even more. 

"She's complicated," show creator David Appelbaum tells NBC Insider. "I think that's one of the fun parts of her character is that she's a hard person to put your finger on."

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Aldridge seems to know more about the sinkholes and secrets of 10,000 B.C. than anyone else on the series. But what do we know about her? Below, everything we've learned so far.

Who is Aldridge on La Brea?

We first met Rebecca Aldridge in Season 1, Episode 4, titled "The New Arrival. "While tracking Dr. Nathan, Izzy and Gavin discover her at Aldridge's farm. Fans soon learn that she and Dr. Nathan were a part of a DHS team that was sent to investigate a sinkhole in the Mojave years prior. She's spent the years since constructing a plane that could successfully time-travel through a sinkhole so she could return.

Aldridge in La Brea

From there, it becomes clear that Aldridge is way more than a DHS agent. As the season unfolds, she continues to unveil various secrets about the people of La Brea, making it clear she knows way more about them than they do themselves. From cryptically telling Gavin to "Go back to the beginning...November 16, 1988," seconds before jumping out of a plane, to revealing to Eve that Isiah is actually a young Gavin, she's full of surprises.

Viewers finally learned a bit more about Aldridge herself when she opened up to Scott in the finale. She and the equally-mysterious Silas know each other because they worked together as scientists and are responsible for the sinkholes. While we still truly don't know who Aldridge is, it was one more clue that got us closer to her true identity.

What's next for Aldridge on La Brea?

When we last saw her, she led Scott to an unusually-modern tower in the middle of 10,000 B.C. She told him that she was the one who built it, so chances are we're going to find out a lot more about that in Season 2.

"We're 'gonna get a lot more answers about that during this season," Appelbaum told NBC Insider. "Who is she? Where is she from? Why is she doing the things she's doing? All those questions that I think people had from Season 1, we're gonna start to give them answers."

Watch La Brea on NBC Tuesdays at 9/8c and next day on Peacock.  Season 2 premieres September 27th. 

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