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Kirsten Dunst Explains Husband Jesse Plemons' Last-Minute Civil War Cameo

Dunst and Plemons' third collaboration was a classic "right place at the right time" situation for the couple.

By Christopher Rudolph

Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons are #RelationshipGoals. First meeting in 2015 while playing husband and wife in Fargo Season 2, and marrying in 2022 after welcoming two children, they've gone on to co-star inThe Power of the Dog and Alex Garland's new action-thriller, Civil War.

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On Wednesday, April 10, the o.g. Spider-Man star swung by Late Night with Seth Meyers to discuss Civil War, and explained that she's actually responsible for her husband's chilling cameo in the movie. 

During her interview with Seth Meyers, Dunst revealed she was the one who actually suggested Plemons play a scary soldier in one terrifying scene, after the original actor had to drop out days before filming began.

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"It happened during rehearsal that the actor dropped out, and Jesse was there [in Atlanta, where the movie was filmed] with the kids,"  the Oscar-nominated actress explained to Meyers. "And I suggested him."

When the Late Night Host jokingly asked if Plemons actually put himself up for the role, Dunst admitted, "Nobody wants to play this role. It's very intense."

Kirsten Dunst being interviewed by Seth Meyers on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Episode 1510

Kirsten Dunst calls husband Jesse Plemons "a brilliant actor"

"I will say, it helps that I feel like we've seen Jesse over the years, both play good guys and bad guys, and we know him to be a good guy," Meyers commented. "You're right, if it was some actor I'd never seen before, I would be like repulsed every time I saw him ever since. So I feel like Jesse took one for the team."

"He really did," agreed Dunst. "He's a brilliant actor."

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In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Dunst discussed Plemons' scene further, and said, “We're lucky Jesse did this for us. Alex [Garland, director of Civil War] is lucky that he's my husband and he was free. We don't really have much of an exchange in that scene, so I could really enjoy his performance. I'm just blown away by him as an actor.”

Dunst and Plemons remain one of Hollywood's coolest couples.