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Kelly Clarkson Makes Fun of Herself After Getting Tongue-Tied Talking to Zendaya

Honestly, relatable.

By Elizabeth Logan

Wouldn't anyone get tongue-tied talking to the Zendaya?

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Kelly Clarkson is no exception, tripping over her words while interviewing the actress about her new tennis romance movie Challengers during an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show. The former The Voice Coach played through it like a pro, and even let viewers in on a fascinating behind-the-scenes secret from the movie.

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Kelly Clarkson laughs at herself while interviewing Zendaya

Prior to filming the movie, Zendaya and others in the cast went to "tennis school" so they could mimic their characters' skills. No one expected them to actually become the pros they play in the movie, but Clarkson wanted to know: "Did you get good at tennis?"

Rolling her eyes at the awkward phrase "get good," Clarkson continued, "'Did you get good?' You're welcome. Wow, I'm gonna have some more coffee." Don't worry Kelly, happens to the best of us.

Zendaya's tennis secret

Zendaya and Kelly Clarkson chat on The Kelly Clarkson Show Episode 7I136.

The actress revealed that she did not, in fact, "get good" enough while training, and she realized that it was specifically the ball flying at her that threw her off. So since she has a dance background, she tried approaching the movements like choreography.

After all, the matches in the movie are all pre-planned and scripted down to every step and swing. So during the tennis scenes, the only one hitting the ball is Zendaya's tennis double. When the actress is on the court, the ball is not really there. Pointing to practice footage, Zendaya observed, "Look how good I look without a ball!"

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Kelly Clarkson apologized for nearly tripping Zendaya at the Emmys

From tripping over her words to nearly tripping Zendaya... Clarkson apparently stepped on the Euphoria star's gown at the Emmys, and took the opportunity during the interview to apologize. "I’m sorry about stepping on your dress at the Emmys. I was very tired. I’d taped two shows, I ran in just to give you your award," she said, though Zendaya brushed it off. All's well that ends well.

The Emmy winner also revealed that her first Oscars red carpet photo was a bit of a steal. "I had no credentials to be [on the carpet], I was just the guest of someone else," she said. But since she "had spent so much time doing my hair" and "was up all night," she figured, "I'm getting a picture in this outfit."

Without attracting much attention, Zendaya said she "just shimmied on out there" to where the photographers were. And a red carpet star was born!