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Austin Butler and Zendaya Met as Disney Kids and Jimmy Fallon Has Proof

Turns out Dune: Part Two wasn't the first time the two actors worked together—they met when they were much younger, footage reveals.

By Christopher Rudolph

Not many people can go from hanging out with Carrie Bradshaw on The Carrie Diaries to fighting Timothée Chalamet on the planet of Arrakis — but Austin Butler is not your average actor.

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On February 26, the Dune: Part Two actor appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to talk about the highly-anticipated sci-fi sequel.

"How did you get into your character? It looks like you just kind of went mental," Host Jimmy Fallon asked Butler, showing a picture of the actor looking unrecognizable in the film.

"The thing with a villainous character, I've never played a character quite like it," said Butler, who plays the ruthless Feyd-Rautha. "I didn't want to judge him. So it was a lot of imagining what his childhood was like," referring to his character being raised by Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, who is played by Stellan Skarsgard.

Butler acknowledged that his co-star, Zendaya, was supposed to join him on The Tonight Show, but she couldn't make it because she was sick.

"Her voice is completely gone. She said to send her love," Butler told Fallon. "She was such a trouper showing up to the premiere last night. You would never know she was sick, she's such a queen."

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Even though Butler and Zendaya are both in Dune: Part Two, the sci-fi epic isn't the first time the two had worked together. Fallon asked Butler if the two child actors ever crossed paths during their Disney Channel days, when Butler appeared on shows like Zoey 101 and Zendaya starred in Disney sitcom Shake It Up

Austin Butler on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Episode 1927

See Dune: Part Two stars Austin Butler and Zendaya in a 2012 video uncovered by The Tonight Show

"We kind of overlapped at that time," Butler explained. "She reminded me of it the other day, I had completely forgotten, but we did this Teen Vogue thing together as kids."

"It's so funny you brought that up because we actually found this! Get ready, it's really good," said Fallon, who just do happened to have the clip at the ready.  "It's from a Teen Vogue photo shoot. It's Austin Butler and Zendaya getting interviewed by Teen Vogue in 2012."

"I haven't seen this. I'm nervous," confessed Butler.

Titled "Young Hollywood," the video features Butler and Zendaya being interviewed on the set of a circus-themed photoshoot for the magazine. In the short clip, Butler is asked what iconic role he would love to be cast as.

His answer? James Bond.

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"I could be the first American James Bond. I would do it with a British accent."

After the video ended Butler shook his head and laughed, "What was I thinking?"

Fallon is into the idea of Butler playing Bond, but the Oscar nominee pushes back, saying, "I grew up loving James Bond. He's gotta be British."

We'll probably never get to see Butler sip a martini as 007 on the big screen, but we can always dream.