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Kelly Clarkson Tears Up, Tells Hillary Clinton She Was Hospitalized During Pregnancies

The singer opened up about her feelings in the wake of the Arizona Supreme Court's reinstated near-total abortion ban.

By Jackie Manno

Kelly Clarkson had a vulnerable moment that many women can relate to on a recent episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show.

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On April 15, Clarkson brought on Hillary Clinton as a guest to discuss women's reproductive rights, and their reaction to the Arizona Supreme Court's reinstated near-total abortion ban. During their insightful conversation, Clarkson got emotional when recalling complications she underwent with both of her pregnancies. 

Kelly Clarkson tells Hillary Clinton she was hospitalized during her pregnancies

“I have been pregnant twice, hospitalized both times,” she explained to Clinton. ”I mean, literally, I asked God, this is a real thing, 'To just take me and my son,' in the hospital the second time because I was like, it's the worst thing. I didn’t know I’d get emotional, sorry."

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Clinton reassured Clarkson that she was helping people by telling her story. 

“It’s OK, because you're speaking for so many. You’re speaking for literally millions of women in our country and around the world.”

While Clarkson noted it was her decision to have both of her children and she does not regret her choice, she is highly sympathetic towards women who have had similar, scary experiences during their pregnancies. "It was just the worst… To make someone go through that," she said through tears. 

Hillary Clinton on The Kelly Clarkson Show episode 7i125

Kelly Clarkson's children

Clarkson now has two beautiful children, 9-year-old River and 8-year-old Remy. In a 2020 interview with Us Weekly, the singer opened up about how becoming a mother has affected her life. 

“I think parenting changes you in the best of ways,” she told the outlet. “It’s made me stronger, but it’s definitely hard. It’s the hardest job out of all the jobs. … I think it makes you selfless. It makes you really prioritize.”

Kelly Clarkson and River Rose on the set of The Kelly Clarkson Show.

She also talked about her parenting style in a 2024 interview with People. “[I] can be hard on myself, but I think I do a pretty good job. I’m definitely not a helicopter mom,” she said. “I like that they’re independent, but I’m adamant about my schedule, making sure I’m there as much as I can be. There’s no perfect parent; I’m definitely screwing up my children somehow! But I’m doing my best.”

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In August 2023, during her Chemistry Las Vegas residency, Clarkson brought both River and Remy onstage to sing a dance with her in the most adorable moments. The next day, she took to Instagram to share a sweet behind the scenes snapshot of her beaming with the kids. 

Kelly Clarkson smiles holding her sons hand on the red carpet of the 2024 Grammys

"Both of my kiddos backstage getting ready to join me on stage in Vegas ❤️ nothing will ever be as cool and amazing as these two little humans that will always have my whole heart," she wrote in the caption.