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You'll Love What Kelly Clarkson's 9-Year-Old Daughter, River, Named Their Family Dog

The talk show host's oldest got creative with finding a sentimental moniker for the pup. 

By Jackie Manno

Kelly Clarkson added a furry friend to her family, and her daughter taught her a valuable lesson in the process.

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In a recent interview with People, Clarkson talked about how her 9-year-old daughter River picked out a cute name for their new dog. 

“She was wanting a dog so we got one and I was like, ‘Well, what do you want to name her?’ And she was like, ‘I want to name her Charlie because Charlie Brown.'" How sweet!

Then, River said something that showed her maturity and made Clarkson proud as a mama. "‘Okay. Well, some people might think that it's a boy.’ And she was like, ‘What do I care what people think?’ I was like, ‘I'm sorry. Say it again and slower.’ I felt like I had succeeded as a parent,” Clarkson said.

Kelly Clarkson talks parenting her kids River and Remi

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In the same interview, the "Stronger" singer talked about how her 7-year-old son Remington is developing emotional intelligence as well. 

"I had said something, and I did not mean to hurt his feelings, but he was like, ‘You kind of hurt my feelings,’ and he voiced himself so clearly. I was just so proud of him for using all the correct words and not being overwhelmed emotionally. He just said it so clear and calm. I was like, 'Okay. I could learn something from you today.’ The moments that seem small are really epic,” she said. 

She also talked about how her parenting style is paying off. 

Kelly Clarkson and River Rose on the set of The Kelly Clarkson Show.

“[I] can be hard on myself, but I think I do a pretty good job. I’m definitely not a helicopter mom,” she adds. “I like that they’re independent, but I’m adamant about my schedule, making sure I’m there as much as I can be. There’s no perfect parent; I’m definitely screwing up my children somehow! But I’m doing my best.”

During Clarkson's Las Vegas residency in summer 2023, the vocal powerhouse brought both River and Remington onstage in August in a very special moment.

During their appearance, the crowd was overwhelmed with cuteness while they both picked songs by their mom they wanted to perform. Remington chose "Whole Lotta Woman" from Clarkson's 2017 album Meaning of Life, and adorably jumped around onstage with Clarkson while she sang the song with passion. River chose "Heartbeat Song" from Clarkson's 2015 album Piece by Piece.