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Kelly Clarkson Details the Cutest "Date Night" She Had with 7-Year-Old Son Remy

The talk show host and Voice Coach sat down to watch Kyle Chandler's movie Slumberland with her youngest child Remington.

By Jackie Manno

In 2022 on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Kelly Clarkson gave some personal details on a sweet emotional bonding moment she had with her son Remington, 7, whom she affectionally calls Remy.

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In the December episode, actor Kyle Chandler appeared on the show to discuss his film Slumberland, which tells the story of a young girl struggling with the loss of her father. In the interview, Clarkson opened up about what the film meant to her and her son. 

"I had a date night with my son last night, and he's six. And he's always like 'ugh, are these real people movies?' 'Cause he likes animation right? So I'm like: 'I swear, I think you're gonna like this one, buddy. I read the synopsis. I think you're really gonna like it,'" she explained to the actor. 

Clarkson and her son were more than impressed. "He was glued to the screen. As I was. It is one of my favorite movies I've seen in a very long time. You know why? Its beautiful aesthetically, its so well done. But also, it just comes down to the story and how it unfolds."

Kelly Clarkson posing next to her children Remington Alexander Blackstock and River Rose Blackstock.

Clarkson then discussed how the film handles heavy emotional subjects. "And I don't know how you handle this, but my kids are six and eight, and death is like a thing that they're terrified of. And it covers this whole topic, and I was like: oh my gosh, any parent that asks me, how do you talk to your child about death? I'm just gonna tell them to watch this movie. It was a beautiful film." 

In a vulnerable moment, the two talked about how the movie could help viewers process loss. "To know that you're not alone in those emotions and how to handle grief and all those things, and how to process and not compartmentalize and escape, its just such a fantastic movie for kids. It is very deep."

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The film also had a profound affect on Remington as well. "But also, my six year old did not leave. He made me pause it to pee. He made me pause it any time he left to go get water or anything. He was like 'no no no, I don't wanna miss anything. But it was very refreshing. It has a lot of heart."

Kelly Clarkson on raising her kids River and Remy

Kelly Clarkson appears on The Voice.

In addition to Remy, Clarkson also has daughter River, 9. In an interview with US Weeklythe "Stronger" singer opened up about how becoming a parent has helped her grow. 

“I think parenting changes you in the best of ways,” she told the outlet in 2020. “It’s made me stronger, but it’s definitely hard. It’s the hardest job out of all the jobs. … I think it makes you selfless. It makes you really prioritize.”