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You'll Swoon Seeing Joe Manganiello Carry His Chihuahua Bubbles Everywhere in 2023

The Deal or No Deal Island Host and his dog were inseparable this past summer as they traveled the world.

By Jackie Manno

Joe Manganiello is one proud pup papa!

On November 12, the Deal or No Deal Island Host gave fans an update about his summer adventures. And the best part? He brought his adorable Chihuahua-Pomeranian mix, Bubbles, practically everywhere with him. 

"In case you were wondering what I did this past summer…," he wrote in an Instagram caption.

In the first picture, we see Manganiello show off his arm tattoos while he cradles the tiny dog on the set of the new tropical game show, which the actor said was filmed "on an actual remote jungle island". Then, Bubbles adorably posed inside a $1 million Deal or No Deal Island suitcase. Manganiello then holds the pup again while the actor looks handsome in a suit, before Bubbles got to meet Pittsburgh Steelers Captain Cam Heyward and Tight End Connor Heyward. Bubbles also got to meet artist Adrian Smith, and then the dog had a little adventure at the Sword in the Stone at The Cathedral of San Galgano, and the Ufizzi Gallerie in Firenze, Italy. 

See all the swoon-worthy photos hereAnd here

But Manganiello wasn't done there. The actor also took Bubbles to the Explorers Club in NYC, the Dragonlance panel at GenCon, the historic theater the Teatro del Giglio in Lucca, Italy, and finally, a church in the Medieval town of Monterrigioni in Italy. What a great companion! 

Joe Manganiello on the Kelly Clarkson Show holding his dog Bubbles

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Joe Manganiello on his fitness journey

Manganiello is also very adamant about staying on top of his health. In an October 8 Instagram post, the actor chronicled his 10-year fitness journey, sharing a selfie of him at the gym flexing his muscles. 

"Ten years later… It was one thing to get into the kind of shape I was in when we shot that @muscleandfitness cover above my head way back then but it’s an entirely different thing to be in this kind of shape now," he said. "Its like I’ve lived nine lives since that shoot a decade ago but here I am, breaking personal records in and out of the gym, stronger than ever… Training has always been my best friend. Whatever you put in, you get out… 'This you can trust.'”

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The actor continued, "I want to give a shout out first and foremost to my trainer of 14 years @ronmathews, the late Dr. Jim Mooney, the late Shawn Perine, the late Joe Weider, Arnold of course, Jeff and the Gold’s staff, & all of the other guys on the Gold’s wall who I had on my wall growing up. Lou, Franco, Frank, Lee, Dorian… there just isn’t a bucket list for having your picture hung on the Gold’s Gym wall… I never would have dared say that out loud, but here we are… unreal.

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