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Joe Manganiello Reflects on His "Unreal" 10-Year Fitness Journey with New Gym Photo

The Deal or No Deal Island Host shared a picture flexing his biceps at the gym. 

By Jackie Manno

Joe Manganiello is getting more ripped everyday!

On October 8, the Deal or No Deal Island Host posted a steamy snapshot of him flexing his muscles at the gym. He then wrote a message to fans chronicling his fitness journey, and encouraging others to stay in shape like him. 

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"Ten years later… It was one thing to get into the kind of shape I was in when we shot that @muscleandfitness cover above my head way back then but it’s an entirely different thing to be in this kind of shape now," he said. "Its like I’ve lived nine lives since that shoot a decade ago but here I am, breaking personal records in and out of the gym, stronger than ever… Training has always been my best friend. Whatever you put in, you get out… 'This you can trust.'”

The actor continued, "I want to give a shout out first and foremost to my trainer of 14 years @ronmathews, the late Dr. Jim Mooney, the late Shawn Perine, the late Joe Weider, Arnold of course, Jeff and the Gold’s staff, & all of the other guys on the Gold’s wall who I had on my wall growing up. Lou, Franco, Frank, Lee, Dorian… there just isn’t a bucket list for having your picture hung on the Gold’s Gym wall… I never would have dared say that out loud, but here we are… unreal.

He finishes the caption with, "This is for all of the kids out there who couldn’t do one pull up or one dip into high school, it’s not how you start the race, it’s how you finish… oh, and you never finish."

Joe Manganiello talks about his fitness routine

Joe Manganiello smiles wearing a plaid jacket at the 2022 Film Independent Spirit Awards

In an interview with Muscle and Fitness, Manganiello opened up about how hitting the gym keeps him focused in his acting roles. 

"All too often I see actors really work the mental and spiritual side but not put anything into the physical side; they just kind of ignore it. I don’t come from that school. I come at it in the ancient Greek sense, in that their culture was built on athletics and on philosophers,” he explained.

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He also talked about how exercising helps his mental health. "For me, training [impacts] my acting, but it also trains me for life. It’s training me to be present in each moment, to be present in each rep and stay in the workout. It’s about making each rep better than the last all the way through the workout," he said. 

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