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Long Live Jennifer Lopez in Her "Tight Pants"

One town isn't big enough for two people with tight pants, as Jimmy Fallon learns once again.

By Christopher Rudolph

In the decade that Jimmy Fallon has been hosting The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, there's been many viral sketches, but the recurring "Tight Pants" is among the silliest. And singer, actress, and fashion icon Jennifer Lopez's turn is a standout.

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When the 2024 Met Gala Co-Chair joined Fallon for a "Tight Pants" installment back on June 9, 2014, she was technically the first celeb to co-star with Fallon on The Tonight Show, as the bit originated with Will Ferrell on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in 2012. 

Lopez's edition opened with Fallon emerging from behind a colorful curtain of shiny streamers, wearing a Beatles-esque bowl cut wig with a striped shirt, tight white pants, and white boots. As the audience cheered his reveal, Fallon sang, "Everybody's talking about my tight pants, I've got my tight pants, I've got my tight pants on," as he busted out his best '60s dance moves, twisting and turning.

Suddenly, as Fallon continued to sing about being "the only one in town with tight pants," Lopez entered, dressed in a matching bowl cut, striped midriff, and white pants and boots. In a direct rebuff to his statement, Lopez now declared herself as the only one in town wearing tight pants.

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Jennifer Lopez and host Jimmy Fallon during the "Tight Pants" skit on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Episode 71 on June 9, 2014.

Jennifer Lopez and Jimmy Fallon's "Tight Pants" roast-off

"Slow down there, young lady friend," said a surprised Fallon. "You said people are talking about your tight pants down at the local Piggly Wiggly. Well, I find that hard to believe, because ever since I moved to this town everyone I know has been talking about my tight pants!"

The two tried to outdo each other by namedropping the mayor and governor, until Lopez finally had enough and got serious about protecting her turf.

"Listen up, you little b----! You better hide your wife, you better hide your kids, because I will cut you, Lopez's character said, pointing her finger in Fallon's face. "I will cut your father, I will cut your mother, I will scratch you. Don't make me take off my heels."

Watch Lopez and Fallon ultimately settle their differences in the "Tight Pants" sketch above. 

Along with Bad Bunny, Chris Hemsworth, Anna Wintour, and Zendaya, Jennifer Lopez is one of the co-chairs of the 2024 Met Gala. Somehow we're guessing she wont be wearing her tight white pants and bowl cut wig to the star-studded fashion event.

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Tight Pants with Matthew McConaughey, Will Ferrell, Jennifer Lopez and Christina Aguilera

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Paul Rudd on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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