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Does Migration Have Post-Credit Scenes? Here's What's in Store After the Ending

Illumination's latest animated film, Migration, can be the number one choice for your family this holiday season, but are you in store for anything after it ends?

By Grace Jidoun

After watching Migration — with its feel-good moments and endorphin-boosting laughs — you may not want the Mallard duck family adventure to end. These days, movie-goers are accustomed to post-credit or mid-credit sequences. It’s a chance for us to see our favorite characters one last time before we transition back to reality.

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Sometimes, we’re treated to exciting Easter eggs and teasers for sequels, and other times, we laugh along with bloopers that keep the good times rolling. Even if there are no new scenes, simply watching the hundreds of names scrolling down the screen reminds us of the incredible collective efforts behind every movie.

Spoiler Alert: The remainder of this article will discuss the ending of Migration.

Does Migration have anything after the credits?

The short answer is, no. That said, it's worth sitting through the credits out of respect to the many creative people who made your moviegoing experience this holiday season possible. 

Chances are, you’re wondering if you should sit through the credits of Migration or pack up and leave the theater after Pam (Elizabeth Banks) and Mack Mallard (Kumail Nanjiani) reach Jamaica with Delroy, Uncle Dan (Danny DeVito), GooGoo (David Mitchell), and the gang. All the same, if you're worried about missing anything once the credits start, you won't. While there is nothing that happens after the credits roll, why not have a look at the many people who made Migration come to life? 

This small-town duck family thwarted a duck-obsessed New York chef, narrowly escaped becoming duck á l’Orange, and helped a lonely, caged parrot (Keegan-Michael Key) fly free, back to his home in Jamaica. After that, the story wrapped up neatly in the last scene. However, as those who watched the movie know, its ending provides enough of a tease to get us excited for a sequel.

Will Migration have a sequel?

There is no official word on whether or not there will be a Migration 2 at this time. For now, fans will just have to settle for the conclusion of the Mallard family's adventure as it stands.

That said, it's not like the film didn't tee up a new story for Mack, Pam and their family. The last pulse-pounding thirty minutes had us sitting on the edge of our seats. Our feathered friends had bravely escaped a country “paradise” for ducks — an idyllic yoga farm retreat that is actually a restaurant meat supplier. But the evil chef catches up to them and traps the mallard crew in a giant net, reeling them up into his tricked-out combat helicopter — you know, just like all chefs have. The chef planned to whisk them back to his restaurant, where they would star in his specialty entrée, but there was no braising in white wine for this group.

Despite being trapped in a cage, husband-and-wife Pam and Mack work together to stop the chef in a super charming, unique way (spoiler: it's dancing!). But the caged couple is not entirely out of the woods until kids Dax and Gwen swoop in to save the day and rescue their parents. After all that, these birds deserve their vacation in Jamaica, where phosphorescent “glowing water” and pirouetting parrots make for some of the movie's most beautifully animated scenes.

You would think The Mallards have had enough excitement for a lifetime and simply head home to their subdued New England pond at the end of their journey to Jamaica. But then Mack encounters a group of lost and confused penguins, and they need help getting home — to the South Pole. The Mallard family could have some Antarctic adventures in store if the filmmakers decide to pursue a sequel. We’re keeping an eagle eye on Universal — and our fingers crossed.

Catch Migration in theaters starting December 22.