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Does Mandy Moore Want a 'Big Three' of Her Own? Here's What She Says

Moore has two adorable children currently. But how does she feel about a third? Watch This Is Us on NBC.

By Jackie Manno
Photo of Mandy Moore smiling

Mandy Moore loves being a mom. And in a recent interview with E! News, the “Extraordinary” singer opened up about whether or not having a third child is a possibility for her.

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“Truth be told, I haven’t shut the door on a larger family. I don’t know what my husband is thinking. I know right now he’s sort of like: ‘What? That’s crazy! It's so hard!’ And it is. It's so hard. It's non-stop, all hands on deck right now. So maybe, perhaps, but I don’t know,” Moore told the outlet.

Moore is the mama of two adorable sons, Gus and Ozzie, and it seems she's definitely open to more children. So a "Big Three" of her own could actually be a possibility, much like her This Is Us character, Rebecca Pearson, who had three kids. 

“I’m keeping that door open for a little bit longer. I think it's still, like, hormones coursing through. I mean, I look at all these cute clothes in collaboration with Gymboree and I’m like, ‘Gosh darn it, I really want a girl.' It's like, I look a friends with little girls and all of the accessories kill me,” she said with a sigh.  

In February, Moore threw a big party for Gus’s second birthday. In the snapshots posted to her Instagram, she holds her son with her husband in front of a birthday cake. “While we were home, we had an early Birthday bash with friends and family for Goosey. 2 years with the sweetest, goofiest guy has absolutely flown by. We’re the luckiest folks around to be in your orbit, Gus Goldsmith. Also, this cake by @danielle_keene was a showstopper!! 🎂 Oh and anyone that says Ozzie looks like me (or Taylor) hasn’t met my father-in-law 😂,” she captioned the post.

In an interview with Health, Moore gave more details about her experience with parenthood. "Every day is different," she said. "It is overwhelming on a level that I never expected. All of the clichés are true. The love is so immediate. In the very beginning it was like, 'Oh, you're nursing. The baby's sleeping.' You figure out your routine. Then maybe three months in, [it] felt like, 'I don't know what I'm doing. I don't have the skill set for this. Maybe I'm not a good mother.' I questioned everything. I looked at my husband, who seemed so at ease—it was so natural for him. I felt bad about myself and what I brought to the table as a mom. And it made me question everything. And I was like, 'Is this feeling going to last forever? Am I just going to feel unworthy, [and] unprepared? Is this just the foreseeable future?' And a week later, I found my equilibrium again. I remember people telling me that everything is a phase and not to get too set in your ways about anything—and it's true."

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