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Darci Lynne Yodeling at a Breakneck Pace Before Hitting a High Note Is Bonkers

...With her mouth totally closed! 

By Elizabeth Logan

Darci Lynne Farmer is a one-woman talent show. The America's Got Talent Season 12 winner, who at just 12 years old blew the Judges away with her ventriloquism and singing skills, can also yodel. Technically, her puppet Katie does the yodeling, but it's still very cool. Watch the video further down to see her show off her skills.

Watch Darci Lynne yodel at a super-sonic pace

How to Watch

Watch the Season 19 premiere of America’s Got Talent Tuesday, May 28 at 8/7c on NBC and next day on Peacock

In a performance dated to October 16, 2015, just days after Farmer turned 11 (!!!) years old, she sings a song called "Katie the Yodeling Cowgirl." Alongside her puppet, Katie, Lynne belts a yodeling tune, without moving her mouth at all. Which would be impressive enough, but it's the second half of the song that really goes crazy. Lynne, with her mouth still closed, yodels faster and faster before hitting and holding a high note. It's almost unbelievable, and the song is super catchy.

This performance was recorded about a year before Lynne began her America's Got Talent journey. Oklahoma native Darci still brings Katie out during her shows; they had a duet in January 2024.

Over the years, the singer has been inspired to try out lots of different singing styles, and she's proven herself adept at all of them. She can sing Etta James just as well as she belts out "Hallelujah." These 13 excellent covers are just a sampling of what she can do.

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Darci Lynne smiles on stage during Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards

Lynne is also a master of regional accents, all of which she can do...with her mouth closed.

Darci Lynne is a composer, too

After returning to the AGT stage for America's Got Talent: Fantasy Leagues alongside her bunny puppet, Petunia, Darci Lynne decided she wanted to pivot to being a purely musical act, stacking up her singing ability against others without the help of another character. For her debut as a solo singer, she performed an original tune, a country-rock song she’d written herself called “Push Our Luck."

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It wasn't enough to get Lynne through to the next round of the competition, but it proved that she can shake things up as well as she can yodel. If being a singer-songwriter is the challenge she wants to take on next, there's no doubt Darci Lynne will soon succeed.