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Why Beyoncé Sent a Handwritten Note and Flowers to 7-Year Old Prodigy Zoë Erianna

The America's Got Talent Season 18 Act caught the attention of Queen Bey for a worthwhile reason. 

By Jackie Manno

7-year-old musical prodigy and America's Got Talent Season 18 Act, Zoë Erianna, achieved one of the greatest accomplishments of all time: impressing Beyoncé. 

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Erianna, who has perfect pitch, managed to pick out the banjo notes to the introduction to Queen Bey's new country song, ''Texas Hold 'Em,'' in just 10 minutes. 

''The hardest part about it is the rhythm,'' she told her parents while determinedly plucking out the notes on her keyboard in an Instagram video. However, she mastered the complicated tune with ease. 

Check out the amazing moment later in this post!

A few weeks later, Beyoncé herself caught wind of the viral clip and sent the most heartwarming gesture over to Erianna: a personalized, handwritten note. 

“Your rendition of Texas Hold ‘Em brought me so much joy. You are brilliant, please keep it up,” the note read, finished with the Grammy winner's personal signature. To make things even better, she also sent over a giant bouquet of flowers. 

''It feels exciting and happy, and I'm so happy she sent this all to me,'' Erianna said to NBC Philadelphia on March 12 after receiving the gift. 

A split of Zoe Erianna and Beyonce

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The Beehive was so impressed that even Beyoncé's mother, Tina Knowles, shared the special moment on her Instagram page. ''So talented,'' Knowles wrote in the caption. 

Erianna also shared a video of her playing Bey's 2008 hit, ''Halo,'' on the piano on March 4, which she described as one of her favorite songs. 

''I can see the notes in my head,'' she explained to us of her process. Since she has tiny hands, the hardest part is making her fingers reach wide enough. But of course, she totally perfected it in no time. 

Zoë Erianna's AGT audition

Erianna auditioned for Season 18 of AGT at only 6 years old, where she nailed a version of ''Born This Way'' by Lady Gaga. There, she engaged the crowd and owned the stage by doing sassy hand gestures. 

''You're one of my favorite contestants ever!'' Judge Sofia Vergara said during feedback.

''I love your stage presence. Very well done. Good for you.'' Heidi Klum said. 

Americas Got Talent 1802 Zoe Erianna

''You're and adorable, baby version of [Lady Gaga]'' Howie Mandel chimed in. 

''You are fearless. So brave, so talented. Great voice. Loved the fact that you remembered all the hand movements. Every single person in this room loved this audition,'' Simon Cowell added, before all four Judges gave Erianna a unanimous ''yes'' vote. 

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