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Chris Meloni Eats a Special 'Meloni Meal' That Keeps Him Looking Great

Get the inside scoop on his health and fitness routine!

By Jackie Manno
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If you’re going to solve crimes as a job, you need to stay in shapesomething that Law & Order: Organized Crime’s Christopher Meloni (a.k.a. Elliot Stabler) knows all too well. In fact, you could say the Christopher Meloni Workout and Diet Program is meaner than the streets of New York City. 

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In a 2021 interview with Men’s Health, Meloni revealed what he typically has for lunch to stay in fighting form. 

What is Christopher Meloni's workout and diet?

“My lunch is usually ground chicken, brown rice, and spinach. As a matter of fact, when I’m working, that is really basically all I have. It's called the 'Meloni meal,'” he said, adding that he ties everything together with Worcestershire sauce. Yum!

“I have to juggle the correct kinds of foods, but I have to ingest enough calories to push the weight that I need to push in order to kind of maintain…whatever this thing is,” he explained with a chuckle, referring to his physique. 

“I really eat everything. My philosophywell, my dietis I’m basically horse-trading all day,” he said of his busy schedule.

“I like to pick and choose where I’m going to ingest my cholesterol or my heavy fats or starches,” he said, revealing that he’s a fan of intermittent fasting.

“I’m a get it done guy. I get up, I stretch for about 30 minutes. Sometimes I’ll even do a bit of yoga before I get into it, and then it's, you know, release the hounds,” he said of his morning routine.  

“Workouts are so intense, and in combination with also being at work 14 hours a day, I have to supplement. So yeah, I do chocolate protein powders, usually with frozen bananas, and a little bit of filtered coffee,” he added.

On why he enjoys exercise, Meloni says, “Going through the ritual and everything about working out because it gets my head right. It centers me, gets me connected, mind and body. You feel as though, 'I’ve accomplished something for the day.'" 

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