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Remember the Time Chris Sullivan and Sterling K. Brown Wore Matching Outfits?

Sullivan reminded fans of this iconic moment in honor of Brown's birthday. Watch This Is Us on NBC. 

By Jackie Manno
Chris Sullivan and Sterling K. Brown wearing blue suits at an event.

These two This Is Us stars are the kings of twinning!

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On Sterling K. Brown's birthday on April 5, Chris Sullivan took to his official Instagram page to share a throwback photo (see here) of the on-screen in-laws sporting strikingly similar plaid suits. 

"It’s this cool cat’s birthday, SO MAKE SOME NOISEEEEEE 🎉 #HBD @sterlingkbrown #ThisIsUS," Sullivan captioned the post, which was also liked by their former co-star, Mandy Moore

"Love you, @sullivangrams ❤️" Brown gratefully commented. 

Happy birthday, Sterling!

Speaking of sweet Sterling K. Brown moments: In August 2022, he made a heartwarming Instagram post about his two sons, Andrew, 11, and Andre, 6, who were starting sixth and first grade at the time. 

"When I was a kid, my mom would frequently say '18 years goes by real fast,'" he wrote in the caption. "I think she knew that once I graduated, life would take me someplace other than home. And there was joy for what the future would hold, but also a bitter sweetness in knowing that our time under the same roof would be limited. Today, is the beginning of 6th grade and 1st grade. And I know exactly what my mom meant! #TimeFliesWhenYoureSurroundedByLove❤️."

In an interview with Salon, Brown opened up about his gratitude for his children. 

"Fatherhood is everything to me, man," he told the outlet. "The best role I had is the day my first son was born, and I got to call myself a father for the first time. I only had a dad for a limited amount of time—10 years—and to step into his shoes and pass on the love I had to my son is everything. I enjoy paternalist roles because I enjoyed the dad I had and who is still with me in my heart."

The This Is Us  cast is in his heart, too. He said last year about the show ending, "I was like, 'To not see [the cast] regularly in my life makes me a little sad.' I still got your phone numbers.  Like, I can still call Mandy Moore, which gives me some credibility.  But to not be able to see you every day, I'll miss you.  I'll miss the story that we've had a chance to tell with one another. And I can't wait for 20 years to do an E! True Hollywood Story. It's going to be awesome." 

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